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If you are in want for the latest designer clothes, then Zoopikart is the right place you have selected. Zoopikart is one of the most trusted and a prominent online shopping company that sells authentic and traditional wears at quite a reasonable price. The main focus of the selling platform is to provide high-quality products. Zoopikart maintains good customer relationships so that people can have a trustworthy relationship with them. They sell all kinds of ethnic wear. They also focus on making a smooth delivery of the products that are ordered. The price of the products is quite reasonable because Zoopikart, the online clothing platform directly brings the clothes from the manufacturers. This also reduces the risk of the middleman. Zoopikart also has the latest collection of those lehengas that are available in the topmost showrooms of lehengas.


Trendiest and the latest designs at Zoopikart

India is a country with a rich heritage of clothing and fashion. India can be considered the manual for ancient fashion and the guide for bringing development in the fashion and ethnic trends within the fashion industry. Previously, during the time of the kings and the queens and their royal patronage, people were employed for being a personal stylist. The tailors used to see the surrounding and had their own concepts for making the ethnic wears. Bridal Lehenga and the tradition-heavy worked sarees can be considered the root of Indian traditional fabric. Places like Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow are famous for being the hub of delicate craftsmanship and artistry. Today, in this age of fashion, Zoopikart has brought the opportunity to once again turn upon the pages of ancient fashion and take home some of the best-chosen sarees, lehengas, Anarkali, Salwar Kameez and salwar suits that are really elegant looking.

Now women, do not need to go outside for giving measurements to tailors. Zoopikart can make them get any design that is in demand. Be it a saree or a lehenga, all can be purchased just with an order. It will be surely delivered to you within 2 to 3 days of order if the product is in stock. Zoopikart is very particular with its customer relationships and receives no complaint about late delivery.  Go for ordering some of the exclusive range of fashionable dresses from Zoopikart at a reasonable price. Zoopikart also maintains the return policies and there is a 7 days return policy that is very reasonable.


Key features of the latest online platform Zoopikart

The key and essential features of the online platform are discussed below:

  • The platform is user-friendly: Customer needs to be a master of technology for surfing through the website of Zoopikart. The software of the website is very convenient for users and the products like the bridal careers and bridal lehenga images with price are listed for the convenience of the customers. The prices are also rightly mentioned with the discount specification.

  • Products are of good quality: The product that is available is of good quality and customers are satisfied with the reasonable rates.

  • Payments methods are secured enough: Zoopikart gives its customers a secured online payment procedure. The customer can easily trust the website and make necessary online transactions. Paying for the product is very easy and it secures the payment mode and there is no chance of theft. The website is secure and gives customers the good experience of a secured online payment.

  • Buying is hassle free: All the accessories that are required are listed the adequate product description. This makes the buying completely hassle-free without any kind of complication. The customer can go for their desired clothing and accessories without any hassles.

  • Delivery on perfect time: Zoopikart is very specific with its dealing as well as its delivery. It is very true to its commitment and never dismisses what it has promised. Zoopikart never misses the delivery time that has been mentioned while booking the order.


How Zoopikart exhibits the latest fashion with its exclusive collection?


Indian women are known by their attires that enhances their beauty. When it comes to saree wearing Indian women comes first in the line. They really look beautiful with each and every pattern and design. Saree is of course considered among a traditional wear and is also and a piece of artistry. It is a nine to 11 meters long cloth that is draped around the waist with pleats. Zoopikart makes sarees available in various forms and styles. The platform also has the various kinds of designer bridal lehenga along with some of the Indian bridal lehenga that is really noteworthy and exclusively designed. The varieties of collection and gorgeous fabrics are really an exclusive range of collection that is delivered by Zoopikart. Women are really impressed by the range of ethnic collection and the absolute reasonable price they are charging from customers.



  • Silk saree from Assam: The saree is an exclusive collection of moga silk of Assam.  It is made up delicately of fine golden thread and the thread spacing of the saree is very compact.

  • Benarasi Silk Saree: Benarasi is made of heavy zari work. The threads are often made of fine gold and silver. It has embroidery all over with heavy work of zari.

  • Half and half Bandhani saree: The saree is made by the process of a unique traditional tie up along with dots as the basic and only primary pattern design.

  • Bhagalpuri Saree: The saree is made from a silk type from the land of Bhagalpur.

  • Bomkai: It is a special handwoven and stitched saree from Odisha.

  • Dhakai Saree: Dhakai saree mainly originates from Dhaka, Bangladesh. These sarees are generally simple cotton sarees.

  • Chanderi Saree: The saree is very light weighted and is the translucent type.  Basically, it falls under the category of tissue silk.

  • Kalamkari: Kalamkari is printed pattern on simple cotton sarees.  

  • Kantha saree: It is a saree where the stitching is done only with high-quality thread.

  • Kanjeevaram silk: The saree originates from Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram and is famous for its exclusive gold thread knitting.

  • Kota: It is very comfortable to wear and very airy.

  • Tant: It is a crisp cotton saree that can be worn on any occasion.

  • Paithani saree: The saree is famous for delicate embroidery and crafty work of golden threads.


Lehengas/ Ghagra Cholis:

  • A-line lehengas: It is mainly having a fitting shape in the waistline with flares down at the waistline.

  • Jacket lehenga: The jacket is the main area of concentration and it is the reason for being considered within bridal lehenga collection. The jacket is either short or long, according to the pattern of the lehenga.

  • Mermaid lehenga: The lehenga has an elegant flowing bottom line. It takes the shape of the person who is wearing the lehenga.

  • Flared lehenga: Flared Lehengas can be put under the section of the bridal lehenga collection. It has a flowing and flared gown texture.

  • Half-saree lehenga: It is also a bridal collection and the “pallu” can be used as the dupatta. It has a saree cum lehenga look.

  • Straight cut lehenga: The lehenga looks just like a simple embroidered skirt and has no flares.



  • Tail cut: It is having a long back flowing and it exceeds even the Kurtis length.

  • Asymmetrical kurti: The lower portion is having many various.

  • Flared kurti: Woman gets ample chances to twist and turn freely and the kurti is having free-flowing flares that make it look gorgeous.

  • Front slit:  It has a midriff slit that makes it look gorgeous. It comes with front open slit.

  • Straight cut: The kurti has no such asymmetrical designs and this makes it lined straight with a simple structure.

  • Anarkali: The Anarkali is actually lengthened up to the foot. It can be almost compared to a gown.


Salwar Kameez/ Suits:

  • Asymmetrical salwar kameez: The designs are extraordinary and it makes the wearer look really gorgeous.

  • Anarkali Salwar Suits:  It is a Mughal design and the gown is exclusively embroidered for enhancing its richness.

  • Aladdin (Patiala): The design is almost like dhoti and looks good with short kurti and Kameez.

  • Churidar: The churidar is skin hugging and suits mainly with jeggings and other types of pants.

  • Harem: It generally goes well with loose fittings Kameez and those pants that resemble dhoti. The style is completely unique and looks fabulous were dressed with the right accessories.


Western wears: The western wears consist of fancy skirts, jeans, and pants. Zoopikart comes with some of the exclusive range of western wears that are really appreciable.


Well, these are some of the best products that are available with us. Zoopikart is really an extraordinary platform for Online shopping in Surat that can provide you whatever dress be it an Indian or a western. We have all the exclusive range of designs that are really mesmerizing to look at. The prices are also reasonable and the transaction process is also hassle-free. You can easily go for ordering the lehengas and ghagra cholis of your choice from Zoopikart and get fast delivery of it.