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Anarkali Suits Up to 80% OFF - Buy Anarkali Salwar Suits, Kameez, Dresses Online Shopping | Zoopikart: Originated from Lahore a city in Pakistan, the Anarkali suit is the symbol of royal patronage. It is a long frock like dress consisting of a lot of flares and generally comes with a bottom wear and a dupatta. It comes in different variety which depends on the type of the work done on the suit, fabric or length of the suit. One must have heard about the famous love story of Salim and Anarkali. The word Anarkali is taken from the name of Mughal prince Salim and later king Jahangir’s beloved Anarkali.

The literal meaning of this word is the delicate bud of the pomegranate plant. The bud of the pomegranate plant comprises of the features like softness, beauty, innocence and many more. This suggests that women wearing Anarkali suit embellish these qualities.

These suits are not popular only in India or Pakistan but among many other South Asian communities. This suit is rooted in the Persian and Mughal cultures.  They are associated with Indian culture too in some way or other. The designing and pattern of Indian angrakha kurtas resemble that to the Anarkali tops. Indian Kathak dancers wear them as their costume of dancing. It used to be the costume of the Lucknow gharana kathak dancers.


Anarkali Suits Up to 80% OFF - Buy Anarkali Salwar Suits, Kameez, Dresses Online Shopping | Zoopikart


Traditional anarkalis are always in fashion but we see many modified versions of it are now in trend. Not only a common Indian girl, but the Bollywood celebrities too considers it to be the best part wear option. Not only simple party wear, but they act as a nice choice for brides too. One can get them anywhere from the market or at the online store.


About Zoopikart

Zoopikart is one of the leading websites that deal with a good range of anarkalis. One can always contact the website in order to add some extra charm to her wardrobe. They have kind of a hub of ethnic wear. One can never get disappointed while shopping with them as they have a lot of options with them.


Anarkali with a jacket

These are long frock kind of suits with a short or long length jacket, either separate or attached to the kurti. The color of the jacket and the kurti are contrasting. The kurti generally remains plain while the jacket can be printed or embroidered. Short jackets can be the denim one or can have Dori work on it. Heavy busted women can consider this as an option. It could be a full-length Anarkali or a shorter one as well, depending upon the choice of the person wearing it. The full-length suit can be paired with high heels while the short length suit looks good with traditional chappals too.


Cape on the top

Cape is basically a piece of outer clothing that has no sleeves. It kind of covers the back, arm, and chest of the person wearing it. One must have seen people wearing cape coats, but thanks to the styling of the Bollywood actresses that we can now see this design in suits and blouses as well. This trending design is perfect for long Anarkali suits. The kurti is sleeveless and the cape thing is put over it. It could be a net, georgette, chiffon or any other material. Again the kurti does not contain much embroidery on it, but the cape should be heavily embroidered in order to add the charm in the suit. Stylish buns go quite nicely with these suits. High heels are preferable for this style.


Layers and flares

Innovations are always welcomed in the fashion industry. Beating the traditional style of Anarkali suits, here comes the third design in this category. These suits contain many layers of cloth starting from the waistline of the suit. These suits have more flares compared to other Anarkali suits. These are generally heavily embroidered and are good for party wear. These can be a good option for bridal wear also. Layered anarkalis are preferred to be long. High heels are recommended for these. Full-length sleeves, quarter sleeves, and no sleeve look good. One should not go for half sleeves in this kind of suits.


Floor touching gowns

Best for parties and festivals these Anarkali suits end till the floor. There can or cannot be a bottom part with these suits. The most preferred sleeve design for these suits is full or no sleeve. Neck designs can be selected on the basis of the type sleeve of the sleeve. Boat neck looks good with full sleeves while a collar neck will go nicely with no sleeve design.


The tail twist

As the name suggests, these suits have a tail kind of structure at the back. It basically has a higher front and long frills at the back of the suit. The way frills in the suit are placed gives it a look of a fishtail. These Anarkali suits are very different from the traditional Anarkali suits. These can be worn with or without a jacket. Stiletto heels go well with these Anarkali suits.


The Pakistani fusion

We all know that Pakistan was once a part of India and there is not the much cultural difference between the two countries. It could be seen in the cuisine as well as in the cloth designs. Pakistani Anarkali suit is one of the best examples. This suit comes with a fusion of Pakistani designs and Lucknow chickenkari work. The difference between a normal plain chicken work kurta and an Anarkali suit is that along with the threads it contains stone too. They are the symbol of royalty. Heavily embroidered, these suits are perfect for parties and can be a good option for brides too.


Plain yet elegant

Its often said that “simplicity is the best of all beauties” and the next design in this category proves it well. plain anarkalis are best for the party as well as daily wear as they bring out one’s natural beauty from within. They can be paired with your favorite jewelry and accessories and you are good to go to a party. Also, they can be worn daily as they are too light and comfortable. They are best for small family gatherings, birthday parties, special meetups etc.


Traditional is the best

A complete suit set with a frock shaped kurti, a bottom and a dupatta these suits come with traditional designs and work pattern on them they on them. they can be paired with traditional jewelry and is perfect for parties and festive occasions.


Rock the party with gowns

The modified version of Anarkali suits is the Anarkali gowns. You could be the center of attraction of any party or special occasion by simply wearing them. they have some high-quality pattern of work, a really good combination of contrasting colours and ultimate designs. They can be worn with or without a dupatta and bottom wear. It may have different colours or just one solid colour in it. Sometimes the colour of the material used for the embroidery is also the same as the colour of the whole gown. Paired with a good clutch, high heels, and bun, they give a royal look to the wearer.

Above mentioned were the anarkalis based on different designs and patterns. Here are some more anarkalis based on the difference between their clothing material.


Velvet  Anarkali

Velvet has always been the choice of royal class and if it comes in the form of a clothing piece like Anarkali it gives some explosive effects. These Anarkali suits are heavy in comparison to other Anarkali suits not only because of its cloth material, but also due to its work pattern. It doesn’t contain much flare and looks pretty close to a straight suit. The only difference between these two is that straight suits are not spread and goes parallel from top to bottom while this Anarkali is compact till waist and then spread like a frock.


Cotton Anarkali

Cotton is best for any skin type and can be worn in any season. These suits are super comfortable and can be worn in small functions, family gatherings, birthdays etc. The top and bottom of these Anarkali suits are made of cotton but dupatta need not to be of the same fabric. It can be of cotton or of any other material. There can be any working pattern on these suits. It can be thread work, stonework, patchwork, work on the border, wide borders at the bottom or any other work pattern. The dupatta of these suits is generally plain. The work that is done on these suits generally lie till the waistline and the frock part is printed or plain. There may be contrasting or same colours on the suit.


Georgette Anarkali

Georgette anarkalis makes the wearer look more gorgeous. With a georgette Anarkali suit comes to fashion and comfort together. Due to the light weighted fabric, they come with full flares. They come with a plain dupatta, solid colour design, look good with full sleeves and collar neck and are perfect for party wear.

These were few Anarkali options every girl must consider for her ethnic collection. You can always contact zoopikart for buying any of these varieties.