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Latest Bollywood Sarees - Buy Designer Bollywood Saree Online at Zoopikart


Types of Bollywood sarees every girl must have in her wardrobe

It is said that movies and cinema influence our lives a lot. This is true in every sense. All of us get so much influenced by the movies and the stars that all of us want to look like them. Earlier, looking like your favourite celebrity was a bit difficult task, but now a day it is not that tough. We may not get the exact look, but by some means, we manage to achieve the similar looks. The first step towards this is wearing an outfit similar to that of your favourite Bollywood star. The increasing craze of Bollywood clothes in common people has headed in the launch of many outfit ranges that are mainly focused on the designs worn by the stars. One such range of clothes is the Bollywood sarees.

In this category, the designers focus on the saree design that is either worn by the Bollywood divas or is trending these days. It is obvious that the clothes that the celebrities wear are not that affordable for the common people, therefore these sarees are on an affordable bit. You can find and buy Bollywood saree online, but it is not easy to find the best saree every time. In such cases, a website named Zoopikart is your one-stop destination.

Zoopikart is a clothing website and they have a huge collection of ethnic wear with them. They deal with every kind of saree, be it designer, wedding, daily wear, Bollywood or any other category of saree. You can do your Bollywood saree online shopping here without any doubt, for they always have amazing offers with them. One can totally depend on this website for every type of ethnic wear. They not only provide all good designs but also give the option of customizing your clothing piece. Apart from the sarees, they deal in designer blouses as well. So, one can get the whole set prepared from here. They have all the recent launches, so you can easily purchase the Bollywood sarees 2018 from this website. Shopping with Zoopikart will give you a better and amazing experience. This is just like an ethnic hub online, where one can find anything related to the Indian wear.  


Here is a list of some of the Bollywood sarees that you must have in your wardrobe.  


Designer net sarees

The first saree in this category is made up of the net fabric. Net sarees have brought a kind of revolution in the fashion world. These are not just popular among the common Indian women but are the favourite outfit of our Bollywood divas also. One must have seen the Bollywood heroines net sarees every now and then. These types of sarees look very elegant yet stylish at the same time. They come in different varieties. Some net sarees are made of a lighter tissue and for that reason, the saree also is very light weighted. Saree preferred by most of the Bollywood actresses is generally heavy. They contain heavy embroidery. Other varieties of saree may contain just one colour, with no embroidery. Sometimes we get to see that along with the net, some other fabric is also added to make the saree. Since this a designer saree the blouse piece also should be designed. There is no use of wearing too much jewelry if you are wearing a net saree. You just need to put a pair of earring and you are ready. Your makeup could be a little bold. These types of sarees are good for attending functions like wedding and every other night party. You can change your look according to the occasion by just changing the designs of your blouse.


Digital printed sarees

Second saree in this category is the one with digital prints. The printing on these sarees is done through a machine. These prints basically contain a lot of colours in it. All the colours are mixed together and a very unique kind of print is made. These sarees comes at an affordable pricing and is perfect for any type of occasion. The colours used I the making of these sarees are very fresh, lively and soothes our eyes. These sarees are very easy in carrying off and we must have noticed many of the Bollywood actresses wearing such sarees. The fabric used for making these sarees is very light weighted. You can create different looks for different occasions wearing these sarees. So, if one is bored of wearing the old hand printed sarees, then she must go for these sarees.


Geometrically printed sarees

Next, in the category is the geometrically printed sarees. These sarees do not have a fixed fabric. It is the print that is prevalent in the saree. The name of the saree itself is self-explanatory. Whenever you find any geometric symbol like circles, triangles, square etc. printed on a saree, you should understand that the saree is a geometric print saree. These can be found on a cotton or silk fabric or even on a synthetic fabric. You can choose one saree according to your choice and need. They may or may not contain borders on them. Generally, these sarees come in just one colour. With the amazing print all over, these are apt for every occasion. The blouse style can be decided by the choice of your saree and the occasion that you are going to attend.  


Nature printed sarees

Next saree is a very popular one and there would not be a girl who has not heard or seen this type of saree. These are the nature printed sarees. These sarees fall in the category of the geometric print sarees. Both the sarees are very similar, except for the prints. Like the geometrically printed sarees have geometric figures on them, these sarees have all the natural things printed on them, for example, bird prints, animal prints, forest prints etc. one must have the filmy divas wearing leopard or snake printed sarees on various occasions. These sarees are come under the category of nature printed sarees. The blouse design for these sarees can again be decided by the occasion and the type of the colour that you have chosen for yourself. The accessories also are decided by the place where you are wearing the saree.


Art silk sarees

Another popular saree in the list is art silk. Art silk is not just popular because of its beautiful colour options and designs that are available. These are known because they are very affordable. In very low, you can wear sarees that look very similar to the high ended Balucheri, Banarasi or Kanjivaram sarees. The Bhagalpuri silk sarees comes under this category of silk sarees, which is bit affordable than the original silk sarees. the work on these sarees are variant, but the most popular of all is the printed art silk sarees. It is always not easy to find good art silk saree everywhere, but Zoopikart is such a website that has every type of silk sarees. So, if you don’t have an art silk saree in your wardrobe, then you should order it now.


Brasso sarees

When we are talking of Bollywood and designer wear the first name that comes in our mind is Sabyasachi's collection. They have the best collection of designer ethnic wear, but it is not possible for everyone to buy a Sabyasachi designed saree. So, there is a saree design that is very popular and affordable looks not less then Bollywood designer saree. The saree name is Brasso and we all must be aware of this. These are lightly weighted sarees, with the same kind of print all over it. They have a contrast colour border. When styled properly, these sarees gives a very stunning look to the wearer. They are apt for any and every occasion.  Again, the selection of the blouse design depends on the wearer, but if you want to get that royal look wearing this saree then you should go for the full sleeves or quarter sleeves blouse with boat neck and designs similar to that. One can wear good heavy gold jewelry to complete the whole look. To make it more complimentary, give your hairstyle a bit of Indian touch and you can achieve the perfect royal look.

So, these were few of the sarees that come in the category of Bollywood sarees and are popular among almost every Bollywood diva. One must have seen their favourite actresses wearing the sarees mentioned above. To get the exact look of your favourite actress you need to do a little research about the style in which they have worn the saree. The styling technique also changes the game sometimes. One easy step that you can take in order to achieve the look similar to your favourite celebrity is buying these amazing sarees. For that, you should visit the leading website Zoopikart and can select a saree of your choice. Not only sarees, but they provide the best matching blouse designs for your saree. Thus, this website is one stop for all your ethnic purchases.