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Fashion and You Designers - Online Boutique for Sarees, Dresses @ Zoopikart


India is a country with a rich history in clothing design tradition. From the various ancient queens that ruled alongside their kings to today’s women, India has always been a centre of highly evolving fashion in clothing. To be more precise, no other place could provide the gorgeousness in ethnic designs like India. Back in the day, the royals and the general public had tailors and personal stylists who took inspiration from various objects like architecture to fruits, to bring about a great piece of garment. Similar, even today, with plenty of designers making a splash in the clothing sector, our fashion sense has grown. The major transformation in ethnic designs came along post-independence to the early 2000s.

Now, women do not need to rush to the store when they need an ethnic wear, they can simply pre-order it to get it delivered at their doorstep before the event day. Which is why, we have the best solution for you, Zoopikart.


  • About Zoopikart:

Zoopikart is an online solution for ethnic wear of all kinds. It is an e-commerce platform, which is operated by Leewa Fashion. Seekers looking for the best ethnic wear can find the widest range of women’s clothing. It is a promising platform that serves good quality ethnic wear in reasonable price. The website has a good collection of India’s finest traditional garments for women from India and all over the world to avail to. Zoopikart is one of the leading sellers  of traditional wear and their main focus lies in good quality, reasonable price and smooth delivery of the products. The best part about Zoopikart is, it sells garments directly from the manufacturers to the buyers, this is why the price is affordable for all the products and not expensive. Zoopikart has all kind of ethnic wear, from sarees to lehengas and kurtis to salwar kameez’. It is your ultimate destination for ethnic wear and we will tell you why.

Today, we shall discuss all about this amazing shopping platform and its products. First, let us give you the highlighting features of Zoopikart.


  • Key features of Zoopikart:

Zoopikart is all about the traditional fashion that women wants to embrace. It is the best source of accessing the best fashionable ethnic garments one could dream of, at reasonable price. The key features for the online store are as follows:


  • User-friendly platform


The Zoopikart store is very simple to use. One wouldn’t need technical knowledge to surf the website for getting their best choice. There are options provided different types of clothes. Every type, size, design, style, etc are kept in separate order for one to filter out and find their perfect choice of dress.


  • Good quality of products

Zoopikart is known for its good quality clothing. You will be amazed at good the products from the online store are.


  • Secure payment method

Zoopikart has a very secure payment method. One can trust their website and make online transactions and pay for the products without having to worry about theft. Their website is secure and gives a buyer a secure buying experience.


  • Hassle free experience

We have already mentioned that Zoopikart is a user friendly website where one can find their desired ethnic wear. This gives way to the fact that shopping from this online store is as hassle free as one can ask for.


  • On-time delivery

Zoopikart is true to its words. This online store delivers their products on the time as stated while ordering.

Well, how could one say ‘no’ to Zoopikart after knowing how good and trustworthy this online store is. Now we would like to take you though the products that are available at Zoopikart.

  • The products at Zoopikart are as good as it looks in the pictures. Let’s see what they have in store for all the women everywhere who love to shop and wear ethnic.


Fashion and you

Fashion and you is a big name when it comes to the clothing line. The brand is providing an amazing collection of diverse dresses. It is one of  the most loves online design stores. We are providing you with the huge collection of fashion and you dresses.


  • Fashion and you Sarees

Every Indian woman and women who love ethnic wear owns a saree. Who would have thought that a long, unstitched cloth would look that gorgeous when draped around a woman. This piece of cloth ranges from four to nine meters in length. Both urban and rural sectors in India see women draping this beautiful saree. These sarees are available in various forms, styles, patterns, designs, colour, etc. The variation in Fashion and you sarees is so wide and gorgeous, you will be spellbound.

The types of sarees are:


  1. Silk saree from Assam: This saree is also known as Moga Silk saree and is weaved in delicate gold colour and styled in thread work.
  2. Benarasi Silk Saree: This saree is known for its gold and silver brocade zari, opulent embroidery and the finest silk.
  3. Half and half Bandhani saree: These sarees are made from traditional tie and dye art with dots as the primary pattern.
  4. Bhagalpuri Saree: Another fine saree made from silk from Bhagalpur.
  5. Bomkai: This is a specialty from Odisha and is a handwoven saree.
  6. Dhakai Saree: It is the most exquisite cotton saree in India that originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  7. Chanderi Saree: It is a range of tissue silk saree that is light and translucent.
  8. Kalamkari: Kalamkari saree is all about great designs and patterns printed on a saree.
  9. Kantha saree: It is an embroidery saree that is done only with thread.
  10. Kanjeevaram silk: This saree comes from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu and is known for its gold and silver threading.
  11. Kota: Kota saree is a good cotton saree and is comfortable to wear at any occasion.
  12. Tant: It has a crisp cotton texture and is very airy.
  13. Paithani saree: These sarees are known for gold threading and embroidery.



  • Fashion and you Lehengas

It is a traditional dress worn by women mainly in the eastern, western and northern parts of India. The lehenga is a long skirt, usually embroidered, pleated, etc. it comes with a choli, which is a mid-riff blouse (also worn with a saree) and a dupatta, which is a long scarf like cloth. It is usually handwoven, embroidered or also in zari. Fashion and you Lehengas are too famous when it comes to online shopping. Here are a few types which you can avail while Fashion and You online shopping.

The types of lehengas are:


  1. A-line lehengas: The A is fitted at the waist and flares out a bit to the waist down.
  2. Jacket lehenga: These lehengas has a jacket infused choli that either is long and flowing or short to the hip.
  3. Mermaid lehenga: This style of lehenga is great as the skirt has a flowing bottom from the knew. It gives shape to the person wearing.
  4. Kalidar lehengas: This lehenga has panelled skirt which has a number of pleats and panels giving the skirt structure.
  5. Flared lehenga: This lehenga is best for bridal wear for it has a flowing and wide flared skirt.
  6. Half-saree lehenga: In this type one can drape the dupatta as the ‘Pallu’ of a saree and make it a saree-lehenga look.
  7. Straight cut lehenga: These lehengas do not have a flare and has a straight cut skirt.


  • Fashion and you Kurtis

Kurtis are a long shirt or blouse which falls below the waist and sometimes exceeds the knee length. Often, women wear it with a dupatta to give it a more traditional look. Kurtis can be worn with leggings, jeans, jeggings, palazzos, patiala, etc.

The types of kurtis are:


  1. Tail cut: This kurti has a flowing back that exceeds the front length of the kurti.
  2. Assymetrical kurti: This type of kurti come is variation with the lower portion cut asymmetrically forming various designs and patterns.
  3. Flared kurti: This kurti is gorgeous and has a flare bottom giving a woman a reason to twist and turn.
  4. Front slit: This type of kurti comes with a slit in the front from the mid-riff to the bottom.
  5. Straight cut: This kurti is straight lined and has no asymmetrical designs.
  6. Anarkali: This kurti comes with a foot length flared bottom from the mid-riff. It is similar to a gown.



  • Fashion and you Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is commonly worn by almost every Indian woman. It has a salwar (kurti) as the upper garment, kameez (pants) and a dupatta. It is worn almost every day and for any occasion. Be it at home or outside, salwar kameez is good for everything.

The types of salwar kameez are:

  1. Asymmetrical salwar kameez: These salwar kameez comes with great, asymmetrical designs in kurtis.
  2. Anarkali: The kameez is similar to the Anarkali kurti and has a wide flowing, flare, in embroidery and other designs.
  3. Aladdin (Patiala): It mainly defines the salwar, which is a sack like, dhoti styled pant worn with short kameez.
  4. Churidar: This type of salwar kameez comes with a skin hugging kameez and jegging like pants.
  5. Harem: This type of salwar is loose and comfy with dhoti like pants and loose fitted kameez.

Well, that is all for the products of Fashion and you available at Zoopikart. There are pants available for all of these different types of products. This website is trustworthy and is known for its amazing range of clothing.