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Festive saree options for every Indian woman

Saree is the traditional wear of Indian women. There is still a huge percentage of women who wear saree on a regular basis, some as a housewife and some as uniform at work.  if not these two then on every special occasion. Be it any situation, saree is not just a costume, it is rather a part of India and its tradition. It is quite easy to choose a saree for daily wear, but the same work becomes difficult when it comes to choosing a saree for a festival. Here is the list of few festive sarees options for every Indian woman.

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Before we list the sarees that we usually pick for the festive season, let’s look on the sarees that are popular in various regions of India and are worn in festivals.


Kalamkari sarees

The first one in this list is Kalamkari sarees. This is basically a type of design that is done on a particular type of fabric. This is the main costume of south Indian states, especially of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The fabric used for doing the Kalamkari work is generally cotton. This is an art form that is finished in 23 steps and only natural colours are used in doing this. The two main types of sarees in this Kalamkari art are Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam. These sarees are very unique in style and one can see women in different south Indian regions wearing them on various festivities. If you have a problem finding a Kalamkari artwork saree, you can contact Zoopikart, which is a clothing website appropriate for festive saree online shopping.


Muga silk

Another one in this list is Muga silk sarees. Muga is basically the name of a type of fabric that is found in Assam. This silk is very popular obviously because it is used for making these sarees and also because this is very durable. Another specialty of these sarees is that it has got a natural golden tint in itself which gives it a very brilliant structure. In old days, these sarees were worn by the women of royal families only, but now we can spot Assamese women wearing it on various auspicious occasions and during festivals.  


Pochampally sarees

These sarees have geometric patterns weaved all over on it. The technique of dying that is involved in the making of these sarees is called Ikat. This saree is very popular is originated from the state of Telangana. This traditional wear is worn by the women in a southern part of India on the occasion of various festivals. Not only this, this popular and unique saree is the uniform for the air hostesses of Air India.


Gadwall sarees

Gadwall sarees are again originated from Telangana, but these are not the normal cotton printed sarees like other ones. These sarees are best known for their beautiful Zari work. The main body of the saree is made up of cotton and the pallu part is made up of silk material. It is said that the saree is so thin that it can be decked in a matchbox. Tirupati’s Brahmostav is one of the most popular festive events in our country. This event starts from draping a gadwall saree to god’s idol. Along with the silk and cotton fabrics, these sarees come in handloom material too.


Ikal sarees

Ikal is the name of the town from which these sarees are originated basically. The town is in the state of Karnataka and the Ikal sarees are a traditional wear of this town. The main body of these sarees is cotton, but the borders are made up of art silk or sometimes pure silk. These are worn by women in Karnataka at various festivals.

When it comes to festivals and festive sarees, Bengal is a place that always attracts us. One of such attractive and beautiful traditional saree of Bengalis that they wear on festivals is Kantha sarees. Kantha is the name of the embroidery that is done on these sarees. These sarees are not only popular in Bengal, but is also worn by women in Orissa.  


Chanderi silk sarees

This saree has also got its name from the name of the place it is originated. Chanderi is a place in Madhya Pradesh and this is the origin of the production of these sarees. These sarees can be of three types, Chanderi cotton sarees, Chanderi silk, and pure silk sarees. The patterns that are used in these sarees are of traditional coins, temples, floral art, natural things, and many others. The saree is not just popular in MP but is worn by the women across the whole country during different occasions. The Chanderi cotton sarees can be used as daily wear, office wear and for small social gatherings. On the other hand, the rest two sarees can be used for grand occasions and festivals. These are very popular for the silver and golden Zari work that they have on them. Zoopikart has a huge amount of Chanderi silk sarees in their collection. So, one can easily order for these sarees anytime by contacting the site.


Balucheri sarees

Baluchari sarees are again the popular sarees of Bengal and our neighboring country Bangladesh. The specialty of this saree is that it has the mythological prints depicted on its pallu, especially scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata. The saree used mostly for the festive or special purposes is called Swarnbalucheri, as it has got gold colour thread weaving all over it. It takes 1 week to create the complete balucheri saree. if you talk about the original balucheri, then one has to visit the place named Bishnupur in Bengal for it. However, another option for getting a Balucheri saree for you is visiting the website Zoopikart, as they have got the real balucheri in their collection.

Now, let’s discuss the sarees that almost all of us are aware of.


Net sarees

The first one in the list of this category of sarees is the net sarees. These sarees brought the kind of a revolution in the fashion industry. Not just the common women, but celebrities too are a fan of this saree. Earlier the designs available in these sarees were very limited, but by the time the saree designs have evolved a lot. Now, other fabrics are also used with it to give a completely different and elegant look to the saree. These kinds of sarees are apt for any festival. Just pair the correct set of jewelry with your saree and you are all set to go.


Georgette and Chiffon sarees

Next in the series is Georgette and Chiffon Sarees. The reason for merging these two sarees is that the fabric of both the sarees is almost similar. Both are made up of pure silk and very light weighted. While making these sarees the silk threads are twisted a lot. These are one of the most attractive sarees an Indian woman can wear. The sarees with this fabric are always made in solid colours and they are appropriate for every festival and special occasion.


Banarsi silk sarees

There won’t be a woman in India who is not the fan of Banarsi saree. Originated from the city of Varanasi, these sarees got their names from the word Benaras which the other name for Varanasi. These sarees are made up of pure silk fabric and are popular for having a heavy, attractive and contrasting pallu. The sarees have a wide border and the patterns made on these are of temples. Not only this, but these are also known for the gold and silver Zari work that is done all over it.


Kanjeevaram sarees

Not only commoners, but you must have spotted different celebrities wearing this saree on various occasions. Originated from the southern regions of India, these sarees are a favourite of every Indian girl. Picking up a Kanjeevaram saree is very difficult, as every piece of it looks lovely and ravishing.   

So, these were few of the saree options that one can consider before shopping for the festivals. Before buying any saree, visit Zoopikart, the online hub for every ethnic wear. The amazing collection of this website will definitely save much of your time and solve every problem regarding the selection of a saree this festive season.