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Ghagra Lehenga Choli

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Latest Ghagra choli / Lehenga Choli - Buy Lehenga Choli Online for Women, Girls & Ladies


Ghaghra cholis or lehenga choli comes in those dresses that every Indian girl wants to wear. They not only intensify the beauty of a girl but also remind us of our Indian culture.

 With the passage of time things have evolved and so have the designs of various clothes. Ghaghra choli is one of the evergreen dresses. The love for Ghaghra choli will never fade. These differ on the basis of the designs of the blouse, the skirt or the work pattern on the ghaghra or the dupatta attached with the set.


About Zoopikart:

Zoopikart is an Indian online portal that deals with all women wear. It is a Surat-based company, which is a place in Gujrat. It has a huge collection of all the ethnic wear that an Indian woman loves to wear. They deal in all Indian wear and specially ghagra cholis. In their ethnic collection, they have all Ghaghra choli options for girls of every age group. They have ghaghra options for brides as well as for girls attending some special functions. They have Ghaghra with various work patterns on it. They have distinct color options too. With them, the shopping experience of a customer becomes better and easier than ever before. They can be contacted at any point of time at their web portal.  

Here, we are giving you a certain option to buy ghagra choli for various occasions.


V nacked blouses

The first in this category is the ghaghra with a V neck blouse. Now, the design of this v neck also varies, depending upon the fabric. V neck is a very popular design not only for the ghagra cholis but for the suit pieces as well as the blouses for saree. The normal V neck is the traditional one. It comes with a V-shaped cutting at the upper front of the blouse. It may contain the piping of a particular cloth used in the choli or of any other cloth piece. It can be a simple V-shaped cut. These cuts are usually long. But if we talk about a plunged cut, then it is way longer than the usual and traditional V cut. This is generally done on some silk material or banarsi cloth pieces. This is so because they need to be fixed which is not possible in every fabric. This gives a ravishing look. Since this is a very specific cut, one should keep her dupatta on the side part to make it visible. The skirt in such ghagra cholis can be of the same fabric or work pattern or it can be different too, as it is the era of fusion. The same is the case with the dupatta. Pair it with minimal jewelry. One statement ring and statement earrings will do. Don’t wear neckpieces on this kind of blouse, as it will reduce the charm of the neckline. You can go for largely sized mangtikas.


Crop top with a skirt

No one wants to repeat a dress, but with the hike in prices, it is quite difficult to buy new dresses so frequently. The fashionistas have provided us with a permanent solution to this. Nowadays it is not mandatory to pair a bottom wear with the same colour or same design upper wear. You can play the mix and match game with your outfits. The category that we are talking here is the product of that mixing and matching. These are the ghagra cholis with a blouse in the form of the crop top. Now, this could be a top of the same color and the same design that the skirt have or it can be totally different. Girls now a day buy just one crop top and pair it with numerous skirts. Now the skirt can be of different designs. A floral skirt paired with a glittery or solid colour crop top is so much in fashion.

Now, if we talk about the neckline of these crop tops, then it can be of any shape. It can be an off shoulder crop top, a V neck crop top, a crop top with a high neck, collar neck, semi collar neck, etc.  Now, coming to the sleeve design of the top then we have a variety in it. The sleeves can be full length, half-length, quarter length or a cold shoulder one. The top can be sleeveless also.


Shirt as blouse

Fashion has defined as wearing something that you are comfortable with. The modernist designers and fashionistas are creating the dresses keeping these things in their mind. Gone are the days, when ghaghra cholis were confined to the bridal dresses category. Earlier when we used to see a bride wearing it, we too wanted to look as beautiful as her. So the designers now have created many options of looking beautiful without the burden of marriage and keeping the comfort factor in their mind. Lehenga blouses replaced by solid shirts are one of the examples of such creation. Wearing shirts with a skirt is the traditional dress of Haryanvi women. Originated from Haryana, this dress looks so chic and elegant at the same time. If we talk about the modern invention of the dress, it does not contain a dupatta with itself. These come in various designs. The design of the shirt remains the same in almost every Ghaghra choli set, but the skirt variation in its work pattern. It can be a printed one or one with the patchwork. It can be of the net or of a silk or banner fabric with plates on it. But the shirt is best suited with the floral printed skirts. The shirt usually has a full-length sleeve. It is advisable to push the shirt beneath the skirt, as it gives the whole Ghaghra choli set very modern look. You can team this up with stud earrings or can go for long neckpieces.

This category of lehengas is available in abundance on online as well as offline stores with a hell lot of varieties in them. Zoopikart is one of the leading websites that deal with such ghagra cholis in particular and you can buy this ghagra choli online from them.


Old is gold

By the title, we mean that it’s the time to talk about the traditional ghagra cholis. Ethnic dresses, especially ghagra cholis are the signs of royalty. We have heard the stories, queens, and princesses, that how they used to wear ghagra cholis. In today’s time, we talk about the designs followed by the ancient queens. We really look forward to these today. These ancient designed are not only liked by the common girls but comes under the preferences of Bollywood actresses and top fashion designers too. If talking about the wedding lehnga of actress Anushka Sharma, it was from the designer Sabyasachi’s collection. The ghagra, as well as the whole look, was inspired by the Mughal queen Jodha. The difference between these two looks is only of colours. The actress has worn a very light colour lehenga while this ghagra from the ancient time had good bright color combos.

These types of Ghaghra cholis have a very flashy skirt a heavy dupatta and a quarter sleeve blouse with it. These paired with heavy jewelry are the best bridal option for the brides of Rajasthan. These have gotas and lashes attached to them. It also contains heavy embroidery. The statement jewelry for this is the full cover maangtikas and big nose rings.        

The second in this category is the usual one. It may have any kind of neck design or any kind of sleeve. There can be the combination of three different colour. Then there can be a colour difference in the choli and the skirt and dupatta may have both the colors. Also, all the three parts can be of the same color. The neck and the sleeve design can be of the wearer’s choice. The work on these ghagra cholis can be from the stones, jari, gota etc. these are also considered as a good bridal wear option. The full-length mang tikas do not look good for these kinds of ghagras. High hair bun with a mangtika placed in the center of the forehead looks perfect with these Ghaghra Cholis.

The third in this category is the one with long blouses. This again is a design that is taken from the state of Haryana. It contains a long blouse of the length till the waist. This usually contains the blouse and the skirt of the same colour. The design of this blouse reminds us of old times. The neckline of this blouse can be V-shaped, boat neck, round-shaped, overlapping one or of the wearer’s choice. The sleeve size has to be full length in order to keep the traditional touch.

All the above mentioned Ghaghra choli options are available on Zoopikart. They have a great ethnic collection. One can always visit their website to grab some awesome deals and to add extra charms in their wardrobe and their personal ethnic collection.