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Kids Clothing - Buy Kids Wear & Dresses for Girls & Boys at Best Price | Online Shopping for Kids


Back in the day, when a child came into the world, they were kept in their baby suit for the longest time possible. It continued until they reached a certain age when leaves and animal skin were worn as a garment. Well, technically we do wear a lot of garments made of animals, but not like what it used to be before.

In today’s high paced world, children are exposed to the latest trends and fashions. The styling of clothes for a child is so important, that parents try to grab the best piece of garment for their baby. We aren’t just talking about toddlers, we are talking about children and large, of all sizes and age. With the option of online shopping for kids, every child is seen to perfect their fashion game. Yes, do not be amazed at seeing a kid with well-coordinated clothes. It is the part and parcel of life now.

Well most of us prefer going to the mall to grab clothes for our kids, many prefer the online way of doing it. Shopping online gives a person a ton of options to choose from and a lot of variety that a person will not get at a store. One such place where you’d get it all is Zoopikart.


  • About Zoopikart:


Zoopikart is a hub for all types of clothes, from children to adults. They sell items based on festivals, styles, places, etc. Everything you get here is related to some of the other aspect of our own lives. Like for example, if you need a particular designer attire and have been searching everywhere, it disheartens you upon not finding it. However, at Zoopikart, shopping is different. You sit home, surf the website (online store), add the items to your cart and place your order according to the designs and size you wish to get. Tell us, wasn’t it easy? So, tell bye-bye to your window shopping and hours of labour looking for the perfect clothing, for with Zoopikart, you can do it all from home or any given place in the world. The best part is this website ships everywhere, even outside the country.

One is blessed to have this website for these days they also have children clothing garments for sale. These garments aren’t the cheesy, old styled, but trendy and fashionable. If a parent was to look for a good place to purchase clothes for their children, this is the place. Also, one needn’t worry about the styling or pricing. At Zoopikart, you will be availing to different types of clothes for your child at affordable prices. You will be amazed at how great the clothes are and the prices attached to it. Kids wear at Zoopikart is beautiful.

Now that we know about the place from where we can avail kids clothing online, let us introduce to you the various trends and types of clothes that the kids of this generation are rocking. Let’s move on to the kids dresses with a description to fit them for your better understanding.


Girl’s Clothing


The little girls we see around us these days amazes us with their styling. Well, of course, the reason behind it is their talented mother who does not mind their baby to flaunt fashion and embrace the trends. For all we know, these kids look adorable with the carefully styled cute clothing garments they wear. Be it a birthday party or a school day, kids know how to make an entrance and make even the adults go, ‘Wow that girl is better dressed than I am’. Let’s see what they have in store for the girl child of this generation.

  • A-Line dress: Step aside woman, for a child, is here with their basic A-line dress. Girls dresses are available in pastel colours. And for those who like prints and bright colours can opt for them too. All she needs is a bow on their hair and tiny boots, they walk around with confidence in that cute A-line dress.


  • Dungarees or Tunic dress: Dungarees or tunic dress have been around the corner for as long as we can remember. However, it never goes out of style. Get your child a tunic dress and style it with a basic, solid colour tee shirt to go with. There is nothing for straightforwardly cuter than that.


  • Princess Gown: Princess gowns, just like tunics, have been around too. For, the princess effect on a child gives way to a large number of sales of this garment. However, these days the gowns are elegant and gorgeous, unlike the tacky ones. You can find them in pastel and nude colours, giving your girl (daughter, niece, etc) the best clothing as a present.


  • Shorts and Tee: Say bye-bye to the basic dresses, for now, a girl wears her comfort. Shorts and tees are now available in various designs and tones. Also, the sequinned tees that the girls sport these days make them look 100 times cuter and glitterier than the plain ones.


  • Jackets: Yes, children love jackets. Although after an hour or so of wearing them, you will find them throwing it around or dragging it, they love wearing them though. It gives them a sense of being a grown-up for they have grown up watching their parents and relatives wearing jackets. Style one with a dress, skirts, pants, shorts, etc, it seems to suit and compliment every clothing garment.


  • Skirts: We are not talking about the plain cotton skirts, but those that are sequinned or has a soft chiffon mesh (soft net) pleats. You would want to get one for yourself if you find these skirts for your child. These kids’ dresses are a major reality check to our dressing styles.


  • Jeggings or leggings: Well, jeggings and leggings are not just for the adult’s genre. Kids too can avail to various prints and designs for themselves from the online store. These body-hugging pants are comfortable and stretchable. Thus, it gives a child a lot of freedom to move around without having to face difficulty. Gone are the days when a child liked to wear jeans (it is uncomfortable for kids). Now, it is all about jeggings and leggings for these adorable kids.


  • Overcoat: You will be left spellbound with the collection of overcoats for these beautiful little children. They look elegant, stylish and with a vibe to rock their fashion game. These coats are available in different shapes, sizes, and colour.

Well, these were the types of girls clothing in the garments department. Now, let us go take a peek at what boy’s fashion has to offer.



Boy’s Clothing


If you thought fashionable, trendy clothing was only for the cute girls with bows, think again. For the boys are not behind. Maybe they have only pant and shirts to go with, if you are to indulge in their trendy styles, you’ll feel bad about yourself. All thanks to Zoopikart, it has a wide range of collection for these kids. Let’s move on to the list of boy’s clothing.


  • Polo shirt: Boys of all age (especially adults) love to wear a polo shirt. It makes them look innocent with an essence of naughtiness. Well, even a boy child avails to the same. For, now you can get your child a wide range of Polo Shirts. The collar just effortlessly gives a good vibe.


  • Shirts: Men look good in shirts, we know. But did you ever notice a boy wearing a shirt? They look tremendously handsome even at such a young age. They plainly look cute in checks.


  • Suits: Not the oversized suits! Now you can get suits even for a baby too. Either it is custom made else these boy suits are well tailored and well fitted. Thankfully, Zoopikart has them in various colours, patterns, cutes, and shapes. Boys these days are way ahead with their fashion game, they are going strong.


  • Jackets and hoodies: Be it a denim jacket or a hoodie, it seems to be the true love for these kids. Also, not just boys, even girls seem to own hoodies and jackets. These trendy designs that kids can now avail in the old patterns are just overwhelming. The mix and match of a denim jacket with a cotton hoodie is a favourite of all the kids out there.


  • Shorts: Boys have a wide range of shorts of different sizes they can avail too. Pairing it with a tee or a shirt and a child just goes from a boy to a little man overloaded with cuteness.


  • Dungarees: Who said dungarees are just for girls? Toddlers and boys of all age seem to sport dungarees and look absolutely adorable in them.

Well, these were the various styles of clothes available for the children. There are various basics too, however, these needed major attention. For, why should a child be left behind with boring clothes? Let them embrace their style and personality and walk with confidence, even when drooling like a baby.