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Buy Kurtis Online - Designer Indian Kurtis & Kurtas for Women - कुर्ती डिजाइन


Ever since early humans began to wear clothing, women have always had trouble finding the perfect outfit that would suit their need and their mood. For some weird reason, women take are always confused on what to wear. Whereas, for men, the scenario is quite different. They have a particular collection of clothing, which they wear on various occasions by alternating them but we as women, it is slightly different. We are true to the proverb, too many cooks spoil the broth. It is not cooking in literal, rather it is our choices of buying or wearing an outfit, and having to choose the perfect one of the many choices that we have.

Now, whether we are talking about the western part of the world or the eastern, women have the same mindset. In India, there is a ton of outfits a woman can avail to, such is the vastness of India’s fashion. In the genre of clothing, most women prefer to go with Kurtis. For not only its cultural essence but for it is comfortable and can be worn both formally and informally. There are items for weddings, for birthdays, for regular wears, for office wears, etc. The range of Best Kurtis is so large that it gets difficult to choose the perfect one for oneself. We are thankful to the designers who give us so many beautiful choices to make, but they forget that women love everything and cannot choose or settle down on one piece of clothing. Yet, having a perfect kurta to wear for your daughters Parents Teacher Meeting or to work, it does give us a style statement to make with its huge range of promising styles and designs.


Where to get the best Kurtis?

Getting the best Kurtis for a particular event is quite stressful. The first thing that eats our minds is the fact, what if we don’t get what we want? There are many such questions which appear in our mind that compels us to worry about the outfit we would be wearing for the said event. Well, there is a simple solution for you. Instead of wasting time and energy on window shopping and hopping from one place to another, go online and log on to Zoopikart. This online store is the one stop solution for your shopping scenes, mainly Indian wear. The Kurtis available in this online space is unbelievably gorgeous. One would fret over the fact that online Kurtis could be of bad quality and might be too overpriced, well, enough pondered over baseless things for this online store is the best you could ask for when it comes to online shopping. Everything in the Indian wear genre is available here in a huge range of styles and designs. If you choose to buy your Kurtis online then do not go searching for it on various websites and waste your time. For Zoopikart will help you with whatever there is that you need.


What are the Best Designer Kurtis products available at Zoopikart?

Zoopikart has a variety of items in their online store. All the clothing in this online store is based on Indian wear. Therefore, you can buy Kurtis, Salwar kameez, Lehenga, etc from this store to wear on the various events chalked up in your calendar. However, today we are mainly talking about their amazing collection of Kurtis. For, you cannot find the best Kurtis online but here. we shall give you the details of the items available in this online store. All you need to do is choose your liking and place your order.

The list of Kurtis is stated below:

  • Tail Cut Kurtis: These Kurtis are similar to asymmetrical Kurtis with the back a little longer than the latter, hence the name. this Kurtis is absolutely stylish and makes a great outfit for any occasion. This type of Kurtis suits almost every body type and goes great with leggings or jeggings.
  • High-Low Kurtis: This Kurtis too is styled asymmetrically and do not have any definition to it. this Kurtis has a straight hemline and suits all body types. You could wear it with full length, ankle length leggings, treggings or jeggings.
  • Flared Kurtis: This type of Kurtis is chic and quite elegant to wear as they have both the sides longer than the outfit. It adds a little bounce to the piece of clothing and makes way for an attractive Kurtis. Tall women should go for this style of Kurtis, no matter what the shape of their body is. Goes great with leggings.
  • Kaftan Kurtis: Kaftan styled Kurtis are a must have. A woman should splurge some on these Kurtis for it is elegant and gorgeous. It is different from the rest, with a baggy design that makes it suitable for any body type. It is airy and is really comfortable to wear for any occasion.
  • Angrakha: Angrakha Kurtis are inspired by the styles of musicians, for back in the day, they wore kurtas of this design. A big portion of the dress is swept to another side like a flap and has a tie-on to it. you should look best if you sport it with a legging or a palazzo.
  • Denim Kurtis: Another Kurtis that is styled on the western genre is the denim, Kurtis. You can wear it with leggings but we would suggest you wear it as a dress for it looks really great. It goes great with culottes, angle length jeggings, pants, and leggings.
  • Front slit Kurtis: The front slit Kurtis has been grabbing a lot of attention recently and Zoopikart has a variety to offer in various designs and prints. The best part about it is you can wear it with jeans, leggings, and palazzos. Giving you an airy experience when compared to other outfits. You would be lucky to be tall today, for this Kurtis is best suited for you.
  • Straight cut pin tuck: If you are looking for a formal wear in the genre of Kurtis then try Pin tuck Kurtis. As their detailing and design is elegant and gives you a very poised outlook. You could avail to chanderi, cotton or even handloom Kurtis of this design. Best thing is it suits all body types.
  • Shirt Kurtis: If you are looking for a twist to your tale of Kurtis then we would suggest you get the Shirt Kurtis that are available in Zoopikart. They are absolutely adorable and gives a westernized essence to the outfit. These Kurtis are available in different types of sleeves, like buttoned, flared, etc. Choose what your heart seeks, for it goes with every body type and every lower garment.
  • Printed Kurtis: There is an endless collection of printed Kurtis that will make you go amazed and crazy. These Kurtis have simple hemline and is basic but is available in tons of prints. you can style it with plain pants and jackets. There is a lot you could try with these Kurtis. It goes with leggings of any length, dhoti pants, jeans, jeggings, palazzos. Practically it goes well with everything.
  • Tunic styled Kurtis: This Kurtis style is quite chic and younger to middle-aged women have a liking for it. it comes in various cloth material like chiffon, cotton, chanderi, silk, etc that you can wear to parties and weddings. This type of Kurtis is best worn with parallel pants else straight pants. It has a touch of contemporary and tradition infused in one.
  • Flared short Kurtis: Believe it or not, this type of Kurtis is also worked as a short dress while most wear it with leggings and jeans. The flow that falls from the mid-chest to the upper knew gives a doll-like appearance and is very airy. You could wear it for daily use, as office wear, to your college, and for your kitty parties. Also, it works great for pregnant women for its baggy like a design from the mid-chest below.
  • Overlay style: These are multi-layered Kurtis that Zoopikart excels in providing. It comes in amazing colour tones and combination that give the wearer a chic look. They usually come in embellishment and embroidered in chiffon or georgette material. Culottes and linen pants go best with this style of Kurtis.
  • Anarkali: The list of Kurtis available at Zoopikart would be incomplete without the Anarkali. For, the store has tons to offer to the customer with a variation in this styled Kurtis. It is the longer version of the flared short Kurtis, with the flow going beyond the knee and sometimes to the ankles. Best worn with leggings for the lower garment holds very less importance in this outfit. Wear good shoes though.
  • Long, straight cut: The last on the list is the Long straight cut, Kurtis. It is the best wear for a formal occasion as it is not loud and is very elegant. However, it looks very stylish and suits women of all age groups.

Well, if you are planning to shop from this huge range of Kurtis design available at Zoopikart, go ahead. For if you buy Kurtis online then Zoopikart it is. Make your shopping worthwhile from home or any place, and buy Kurtis online for cheap in this online store. Not only are they trustworthy, they have great service too.