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Buy Lehengas Online - Buy Best Designer Lehenga Online for Women & Ladies


Lehenga is considered to be the next perfect attire right after saree. Lehengas are mainly preferred by women who think that the saree is not meant for them. Starting from weddings to family parties lehengas have left their imprint in every occasion. Lehenga is one of those attire which is not only who won by Indian women but it is also preferred as one of the top choices of attires even in the neighboring countries. It is an attire that is worn by women, irrespective of their religion and region. This hassle-free attire not only clads perfectly to a woman's body, but it also looks beautiful. This is one of the main reasons why lehenga is preferred by most women out there. A lehenga seductively wraps around a woman's body, making them look no less than a fertility goddess. Lehengas are also considered to be the perfect wear for ladies who are conscious of their heavy lower body weight. The skirt-like flares of a lehenga can save you from the stares of people. The beauty of a lehenga is mainly understood by the way it wraps around your waistline and makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking of lehengas, it has changed a lot over the years. Designers these days try so many different designs and styles. However, the main concept of a lehenga remains the same. It is still treated as a three-piece outfit, but with different styles and forms of art or whatever the designer comes up with. Today, you can find different types of lehengas in the market. Well, this is where the confusion starts as it gets extremely hard for you to decide that which one to go for. A lehenga is worn from below the navel that goes all the way down to the toes. It is paired along with a corset or a blouse along with a dupatta that is draped around the neck and shoulder. The length of the lehenga completely depends on the person’s height.

The concept of lehengas is not a new one. It has existed from the time of Mughals and it has only developed into a better attire over the years of time. The main attraction a lehenga choli is the intricate working and the detailing that is done of the lehenga. Most lehengas have detailing done with golden thread, embroidery, beads and the like. Well, this is what makes lehenga a heavy attire. But it is still preferred by women as it makes them look beautiful and confident about their bodies. It is the perfect attire for occasions like traditional functions, parties, and weddings. No doubt a good lehenga can be your savior for the day.


Different types of lehengas at Zoopikart

It is a known fact that India is a land of festivals and cultures and therefore, to dress up traditionally is always on the list. Whether it is Bhai Dooj or Karva Chauth or a wedding you always have the chance to clad yourself in your favorite traditional wear. When we speak of traditional wears lehengas is one of the top choices that come across our minds. Nowadays, most women prefer a lehenga choli over a saree as it is hassle free and easy to wear. Now the thing is that there are various types of lehengas that you can get out there. Therefore, it is important that you know the type first before you actually get one for yourself. You also need to figure out that which type of lehenga is best suited for your body type. If you are a fashion expert then you already know it or else you can take help from our lehenga guide. For your help, we have discussed the main types of lehengas here which will give you a better idea of the different styles available out there.


  1. Circular or Flared Lehenga: This is perhaps the most traditional styles of lehengas that is worn by women. It is the oldest form of lehenga that has existed and from which the idea or the concept of other styles of lehengas have been derived by the designers. This style of lehenga is known to have a broad flare and forms a complete circle around the hem which is why it is named as such. This particular style of lehenga has a great amount of volume with multiple pleats around the hem. If you like to customize your flared lehenga then you can definitely choose the fabric and the number of pleats you want to be there in your lehenga. You can also customize the other detailing as well, however, too much of embroidery work won’t look good on a flared lehenga. This type of lehenga is perfectly suited for women who have a pear shape or an hourglass figure and are preferably a bit taller. You can buy designer lehenga at Zoopikart.
  2. Mermaid/Fishtail Lehenga: This is fairly a new style of lehenga that the designers have come up with. The lehenga is designed in such a way that it imitates the tail of a mermaid. The lehenga gets tight from the knees and is known to have flares around the calves of your legs which looks more like a fishtail. This style of lehengas looks extremely elegant if worn the right way with the right kind of accessories. You can even wear this type of lehengas for parties as well. These kinds of lehengas fits perfectly around the hips and the waistline and thus, it can be preferably worn as a bodysuit beneath. This is the style of lehenga that is best suited for rectangle or hourglass figure.if you wish to get a gorgeous lehenga of this style then you can go to Zoopikart.
  3. Paneled Lehenga: This is the style of lehenga that has horizontal panels which is attached along with the flares of the lehenga. This is the style of lehenga that has a good volume because of the number of flares. Fabrics of different contrast, are mainly used in order to give it a colorful and bright look. If you are attending a traditional function, then you can easily choose to wear this type of a lehenga for the occasion. People with an hourglass figure, petite body or a pear-shaped body type can go for this type of lehengas. For this style of lehenga, you can go to Zoopikart and check out the various designs.
  4. A-Line Lehengas: This is yet another type of a beautiful lehenga that is just right for any type of traditional occasion you want. The lehenga comes with an A-line hem that is known to form a perfect A shape which is why the name. The lehenga fits tight around the waist and has flares that travel to the bottom. However, this is less voluminous as the number of flares or pleats is very less. This type of lehenga is more on the light side. This is the style of lehenga that is best suited for people with a pear shape body or a tall body structure. Even a lady with an hourglass figure can wear this type of lehenga.if you want to buy designer lehenga online then Zoopikart is your option.
  5. Sharara Cut Lehenga: This is more of a new trend that has come up for the lehengas. This is the type of lehenga that is stitched from the middle at the hem very much like a trouser or a palazzo. However, it still looks like a lehenga and is loved by women as it is easy to wear and carry. This is the type of lehenga that is usually worn with a long kurta and are mainly preferred by Muslim women. But it is also worn by women of other religion and caste as well. This type of lehenga is perfectly suited for apple shaped figure, hourglass type, pear shape and also for people who are tall. You can get this type of lehenga easily at Zoopikart. This a site that is known for the best lehengas.
  6. Straight Cut Lehenga: As the name suggests this is a kind of lehenga that has a straight skirt that flows along your body curves. This is the type of lehenga that doesn’t flare out like the other types of lehengas. This style of lehenga is different in it’s own way. However, this style is considered to be the most versatile of all the designs available out there. This is the type of lehenga that is suitable for all types of body which means that every woman can wear this. The one thing that one needs to keep in their mind is that they need to wear the right kind of inner as the lehenga is very much skin hugging. This lehenga can be worn by all women, irrespective of their body type. If you are looking for this style, then you can search online at Zoopikart. Here you can get all types of lehengas along with a straight cut lehenga as well. You can get the best lehengas here.

So these are some of the main types of lehengas that are available out there. However, there are more designs as well that you can get out there as well.


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