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Latest Net Lehenga - Buy Designer Net Lehengas Choli Online Shopping for Women


Lehengas are the kind of outfit that will never go out of fashion and trend. Even now, if we talk about any big day, this is the first choice of every Indian girl. There are numerous designs of lehengas on the basis of the blouse style, the skirt style or on the basis of colour and fabric. Some fabric may take a back seat in this category, but the net designer lehengas will always win the race.

These lehengas not only give a ravishing look but also brings out the beauty of any girl perfectly. These are suitable for every occasion, be it a party, a wedding, festivals or any other occasion. These are not only the favourites of common Indian girls but ranks on top of the list of favourites of many celebrities also. One must have seen different Bollywood actresses wearing net lehengas on various occasions. These are so much in a trend that one can find it easily anywhere at an online or offline store.


About Zoopikart

Zoopikart is such an online store that contains net designer lehengas in abundance. They have a huge collection of Indian ethnic wear and especially of net lehengas for Women. You can buy simple net lehengas as well as designer net lehengas on Zoopikart. These have their own collection of these lehengas where these lehengas are designed by the company itself. You can also get a personalized lehenga of your choice here. The lehenga can be made in any colour any design of your choice.

Zoopikart is a Surat-based company. Surat is the popular town of Gujarat best known for its textile industry. The artist from Surat is known for the kind of unique clothes they make. Same is the case with Zoopikart. You will get some of the most amazing designs of net lehengas that you cannot find anywhere else. With zoopikart, your shopping becomes easier and better. One can always contact Zoopikart on their online portal for the net lehenga online shopping.

Here, we are suggesting you some of the net lehenga designs that you can consider while your shopping.


Saree and lehenga together

The first design of lehenga in this category is the lehenga sarees. This outfit is perfect for those who love sarees and do not want to go through the burden of making pleats and other stuff. One can easily fulfill their desire of wearing a saree without facing any problem, by wearing a lehenga saree. On the contrary, if one doesn’t like to wear saree and they are asked for it, wearing a lehenga saree can be a good all. The purpose of the invention of this lehenga saree was to make girls wear the two outfits at the same time. If we talk about the design of this lehenga then it comes in the form of a saree. There is no separate dupatta. The difference between a lehenga saree and a normal saree is that you get the pleats arranged in the lehenga saree while this is not the case with the normal saree. You just have to wear it as a skirt and arrange the attached dupatta in the way you drape a saree pallu. Your lehenga saree is ready. You get a separate blouse with it. The material of this lehenga saree can be of the wearer’s choice. If we talk about the net lehenga sarees, the skirt and the dupatta can be of net material. The dupatta comes in pure net while the skirt has layers. The layer can be of satin or any other material. Since this is a lehenga saree, it does not contain many flares. The design of the skirt till the thighs is compact and it contains little bit flares at the end.

This was a readymade lehenga saree. You can create this design on your own also. For that, you just have to take a good blouse of your choice and then your favourite net skirt and a contrasting net dupatta. Now, after wearing your skirt and blouse, drape your dupatta around your waist in such a manner that it looks like a saree. In this way, your designer net lehenga saree is ready.  


Shirt with a skirt

The second lehenga in this category is the shirt lehenga. This lehenga contains a shirt design blouse and a heavy net lehenga with lots of work and flares on it. The shirt of this lehenga is generally of solid colours. Sometimes it may contain some sequencing work on it. The colour of the skirt and the blouse can be same or different depending upon the choice of the wearer. These types of lehengas have become the style statements among girls now a day. Gone are the days when the small cholis and blouses were in trend. Now, these shirts have replaced them.

These lehengas can come in a set or you can buy the shirt and the skirt separately.  These lehengas look perfect when the shirt is tucked inside the skirt. Choose the skirt of your choice and then pair it with layered neckpiece. Do not go for more dazzling earrings and stuffs rather wear statement jewelry to bring that finished look.


Blouse with cape designs

The third category of lehengas in this queue is one with the cape blouses. These kinds of lehengas have brought revolution in the field of net lehengas. These lehengas look the best when designed with net fabric. In other words, we can say that cape blouses are not possible without the use of the net. This basically has a sleeveless blouse and there is a cape kind of design is added over it. That cape is made up of the net. Sometimes the cape does not contain any work on it, it just matches the blouse colour and sometimes the whole lehenga does not contain any work but the net has a lot of work on it. If you are bored wearing that old traditional lehenga then you should definitely give this a try. This already has a defined neck, so do not go for neckpieces but you can definitely try good statement earrings and rings with these lehengas to give a proper finish look.


The trail at the back of the blouse

Another look in this series is inspired from the wedding gowns of Christian brides. You must have seen a Christian bride wearing gowns. The gown contains a long trail behind. This lehenga’s blouse contains the same trail. This is basically an off-shoulder blouse that has a long trail of net fabric from behind. The material that is used for making the trail is used for the making of the skirt and the neckline of the blouse. The trail behind should not be heavy as it will create problem while moving. This lehenga can give a princess look to any girl who wears it. The only jewelry that is appropriate for this lehenga is a choker kind of neckpiece. You can experiment with your hairstyles while wearing these lehengas.


Crop top for the info western look

Next look in this series has a crop top with a heavy net skirt. This is somewhat similar to the shirt lehengas. These do not contain dupattas. They can be brought as a set or separately too. You can these lehengas of your own by just matching your favourite crop top and net skirt with each other. The colour of the top and the skirt need not be the same. You can even add a dupatta of your choice to complete the lehenga look. These can also be teamed up with layered neckpieces or long chained necklace. While using a dupatta you can also use waist chains to give it a more finish look.


Hues that matters

 The design for such lehengas remains the same as the old traditional lehengas. It can have any type of blouse or skirt, but the specialty of these lehengas is the colour used in it. The material used in the formation of these lehengas is net, both on the skirt and the dupatta. The skirt may also contain some mirror or zari work at the end of it. One can choose these lehengas according to the occasion or the season in which you have to wear it. For the festivals, you can go for festive colours like red, pink, peach or any other colour of your choice. One should not ruin the look by wearing dazzling necklaces on these lehengas. It’s better to go for a statement earrings or maangtika with this lehenga.

So, these were few of the net lehenga designs that one should keep in mind if they are going for a lehenga shopping. Net lehengas are not only trendy but also give a girl an out of the box look for every occasion. One can never go wrong with a net lehenga.

All the lehenga designs that are mentioned above can be shopped from Zoopikart. Zoopikart is your one-stop destination for every type of ethnic wear that an Indian girl must have in her wardrobe. Here you will get List of Category for Lehenga.