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Party Wear Sarees - Latest Party Wear Saree Online Shopping at Zoopikart


Sarees are the traditional outfit of India, but getting a perfect saree for your party is not so easy. Zoopikart is a Surat-based company popularly known for its ethnic collection. They have a special collection of party wear sarees with them. One can always contact them for party wear sarees online shopping. One can get every type of party wear sarees at low price on Zopikart. With Zoopikart, you get a better and easier shopping experience.  

We are giving you a few of the party wear saree options here. Let’s first talk about the traditional party wear sarees. The most popular fabric of this category is silk. The silk sarees are available in various designs depending on the region in which they are created. Here are some of the party wear silk saree options.


Banarasi silk sarees

These sarees are a symbol of richness and reality. These come from the lands of Banaras, a place in Uttar Pradesh and are very popular among the north Indian women. These are the perfect blend of beauty and culture. These sarees are perfect for every occasion, be it a wedding or any festival. These are not only popular among the common Indian girls but also one of the best options for bridal wear. These have golden embroidery done upon any colour fabric. The richness in texture and style of these sarees gives a woman the perfect traditional look. These can be teamed up with good heavy golden jewelry for that perfect finish look.


Kanchivaram sarees

These sarees do not need any introduction. Take the name of this saree in front of an Indian girl and she will tell you the whole detail. This saree not only steal the hearts of common girls but has also created hue among the Bollywood celebrities. We can spot our B-town girls wearing this saree every now and then. This saree has become the style statement of the very legendary actress Rekha. The reason behind this popularity of this saree is that this is a perfect blend of class and tradition. Perfect for any big occasion, these too represent the royalty and richness just like the banarasi silk sarees. These sarees are originated from the place called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and are most popular among the south Indian women. These are known for the golden embroidery on the border and the temple patterns in the pallu.


Bhagalpuri silk sarees

Originated from the silk city Bhagalpur which is place in Bihar, these sarees are famous for their finish and raw fabric. The awesomeness of these sarees has given a new name and fame to its city of origin. These sarees are also known as tussar silk and are perfect for every party night. Like other silk sarees, these are not heavy and do not have work patterns too. There is no specific colour, work or design for these sarees. You can find them in any pattern or design. This is a mixture of decency with style. You can pair them with your favourite jewelry and you are good to go. One can buy these amazing Bhagalpuri silk sarees anytime on the online portal of Zoopikart.


Paithani sarees

Paithani sarees are the traditional sarees of Maharashtra. These are silk sarees with embroidery of different colour threads on them. This saree is the bridal wear for Marathi girls. The name nauvari is the style of draping these Marathi silk sarees. There is the representation of nature done by the work on these sarees. This is the best option for any traditional day. This can be worn for any wedding or big occasions like that. While draping these sarees are tucked at the back and it creates a dhoti kind of design. Pair them with your favourite jewelry pieces and the Maharashtrian nose pin to rock this festival and the wedding season. You can buy a different range of paithani sarees exclusively on Zoopikart. They have got some really good stock of designer party wear sarees.

After the silk series, here come more designs for the daytime party look.


Phulkari sarees

One must have heard about the phulkari dupatta and must know that this is a traditional outfit of Punjab.  The same Phulkari print is done on the sarees. As the name suggests this is a saree with lots of flowers made on it. This saree was originated from the state of Punjab and is very popular there. There is no specific fabric for this saree. It’s just a lot of flower designing made on the saree fabric. The work on these sarees is done with colourful threads. These are not heavier like the traditional Indian sarees. These sarees paired with good design blouses can be a good option for any party. The colours of these sarees are very vibrant and you can choose them according to your desire and occasion. You can buy your favourite  coloured phulkari saree on Zoopikart.


Zardosi sarees

Like the name, the saree is also full of uniqueness. These sarees again are no fabric specific. These basically have golden zari embroidery on the whole saree. The fabric can be net, chiffon, silk, georgette or anything else. The meaning of zardosi is golden embroidery and the saree does the work according to its name. Long back, when our country had lots of kingdoms, these sarees were counted among one of the outfits of the royal princesses and queens. The artists back then used real gold and silver strings to create the work on these sarees. Now, these strings are replaced from the gold polished copper wires to create the designs. These metal wires also contain stone and pearls sometimes, in order to make the design fancier. You can get your Zardosi saree customized on Zoopikart or can select one from their collection.


Bandhez sarees

We do not need to talk about the region from where these sarees have been originated. By the name, only one can understand that these sarees are from the land of Rajasthan. Bandhez sarees cannot be replaced by any other clothing piece ever, but by the passage of time, it has faced a lot of improvisations. This saree is also not a single fabric specific. The design can be made on any type of fabric. This is well known for its sequence prints and symmetrical patterns. These prints are not easily removable. These sarees are a blend of two colour. The new designer bandhez sarees have a work of stones and pearls too. It sometimes has gota patti borders too. The borders may contain mirror works also. These are the traditional outfit for Rajasthani women and especially for new brides. You can go to any daytime party and rock it with these bandhez sarees. If you don’t have a bandhez saree in your wardrobe yet, get one from the exclusive ethnic collection of Zoopikart.

Lets now take a look at the sarees ideal for night parties.


Stripes on point

These sarees are not only for family gatherings but is an ideal choice for office parties too. In fact, if you want to wear a saree for any kind of party you can go for these blindly. These are so much classy and trendy that one can never go wrong with these sarees. These are very lightweight georgette or chiffon sarees containing horizontal and vertical stripes on them. These look best when paired with contrast colour blouses. The pairing of the perfect blouse piece is the most important thing when you are styling this saree.  These costs low as compared to other party wear sarees but will give you a very rich finish. This saree provides you a bold look, which is perfect for any night out. Do not go for much dazzling jewelry and pair it just with a long and heavy statement earring to get that perfect look.


Digital prints

The creations of modern fashionistas, these sarees are the favourite of many Bollywood divas. It has the colour mixing and matching game going throughout the saree. These are the perfect wear for modern contemporary woman. You will receive love and happiness of nine yards in the form of these sarees. The digital print is basically a lot of colours mixed together. These can come in any lighter fabric. This again is good for the night parties and give a woman perfect bold look. The perfect blouse selection is a must for these sarees also. You can pair them with halter neck blouses, full sleeve blouses, backless blouse, tube-shaped blouse or any other designer blouse. For these sarees, go for one big trendy statement earring. Also, get your high heels on for the perfect chic look.


Polka dots saree

The next in this series is the polka dots. These are the prints you can find anywhere and everywhere in different outfits. But, the polka dot sarees are new in trend and has already created hype in the fashion industry. You can never go wrong with these sarees. These are lightweight and comfortable sarees, again good for office night parties. Go for a sleeveless blouse with this saree. You need not put jewelry on these sarees. Just do a bold makeup and you are good to go.

So, these were a few of the party wear saree options for every Indian girl. You can find all these sarees exclusively on Zoopikart.