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Patiala Salwar Suit

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We Indians love our traditional clothes very much. Even if we don’t wear them daily, we somehow manage to wear them for any special occasion or in festivals. It’s a known fact that every Indian girl have a collection of ethnic wear and in that collection, one must have some good range of Punjabi suits.

Originated from Punjab, these suits add an extra charm to your wardrobe. This is definitely a Punjabi dress, but it is not constrained to Punjabi girls only. Women from every part of the country wear these suits and look beautiful. Earlier they were considered as royal dresses.  

Zoopikart is a website dealing with all kinds of clothing. One’s shopping gets better easier with this website. It has a wide range of ethnic collection, especially of Punjabi and Patiala suit. One can get the widest range of distinct ethnic wear on this web platform.

Punjabi suits are as popular as the Punjabi food and just like the Punjabi food spice up our meal these suits spice up our wardrobe. Here are some of the types of Punjabi suits every girl must have in her wardrobe.


Straight kurtis with palazzos

Palazzos have become the current favorite of every ethnic lover. Straight kurtis paired with palazzos is the first category of Punjabi suits. It gives a ravishing look. It can be found in different colours, designs, and patterns. The material may contain embroidery, patchwork, threadwork, work on border etc. long kurtis is preferable in this type of suit design but short kurti also looks good. It can be paired with high heels, mojris, juttis etc.


Patiala bottoms

This is the most commonly known and wearable range of salwar kameez in India. This is named after the town Patiala of Punjab. These are worn in parties as well as in daily life. Be it a college-going girl or a working woman or housewife, they prefer patiyala over other suits. We can now see policewomen too wearing the patiyala bottoms because of its comfort. The star of this suit is the bottom part. It doesn’t matter what kind of a neck design or sleeve design a kurti is having, pair it with a Patiala bottom and your patiyala suit is ready.

One requires double cloth material while getting a Patiala stitched. It contains multiple pleats, neatly placed one after the other. These pleats gather at the single bottom part of the salwar. These pleats provide a baggy shadow, makes the salwar very airy and the wearer feels free to move. The kurti of the suit set can be of long length or short length depending on the choice of the person wearing it. The sleeves or the neck design also depends upon the wearer’s choice.


Ghaghra suits

This suit is not just the favorite of common girls but creates a hue among the Bollywood actresses too.  This suit comprises one skirt, kurti and dupatta. Again the kurti size depends on the choice of the person wearing it but long length kurtas look more appropriate in these suit sets. The short length kurtis show the twirls and pleats of the skirt more appropriately. The skirt can be a normal floral printed one or a heavy embroidered one. The way of carrying it depends on the weight of the skirt. Like the patiyala bottoms, these suits are super comfortable too. They can be paired with any neckpiece and stud earrings. These suits with heavy embroidery and bright colours can be a good option for bridal wear.  One can find it any local market around as well as on online stores. Zoopikart is one the website that deals with this kind of suits.


Dhoti style pants

Another range of Punjabi suit set has dhoti style pants in them. They are the modified version of Patiala salwar.  It can be taken as Patiala suit as there is very little difference in the style and one has to observe it very closely. The pleat in this salwar goes up one by one. The only difference between the Patiala and the dhoti style pants is that the pleats in this pant do not gather at one point rather spread over the whole length of salwar. The kurti length in these suits should be short as the pleats need to be shown properly. Although they can be styled with any neck design but half collar neck, boat neck, deep back or a backless pattern are more suitable designs for these suits. The design of sleeves depends upon the neck design. For example, an armed sleeve will look good with the boat neck. One can wear any footwear along with these suits but juttis, mojaries or traditional chappals looks appropriate with them.


Kurta with slits

This new generation is in love with the multiple slit kurtas. Till now we have discussed the twists in the pants, now its time to talk about the difference in kurta design. These are basically straight kurtas with slits on both the sides and a slit in the middle as well. It differs according to the type of work, cut hemming style or the print it contains. It may be floral printed, embroidered, block printed, patchworked etc. In this kind of suits, the bottom part is also straight. The purpose of the bottoms of these suits is to make the kurta more highlighted. It can go with the traditional pants too. Again, the neck design can be chosen by the wearer but a half collar or a full collared neck will look good for these kurtas. It can be paired with high heels.


Frock styled kurti paired with Patiala pants

Now that we are talking about the difference in kurta designs, how can we forget the frock style kurti? One must have seen a garba dress. In the first go, it gives us the feeling of the same dress and that gujrati feel but the patiyala pants with the dupatta add the Punjabi tadka to it. The length of kurta in these suit sets have to be short for both the kurta and pant design to come up nicely. The set with contrasting colours is more recommended. Sleeveless kurta or kurta with full sleeves are preferable. Half sleeves don’t look much good with these kurtas.


Kurti with a jacket

Another kurti design is kurti with a jacket. In these suit sets the kurti can be of any length but the jacket is short, generally. The jacket can have embroidery, thread work, gotta Patti work, print etc. on it. Plain kurtas are more preferable in this kind of suits. The bottoms can be Patiala, dhoti or of any other design depending on likes and dislikes of the wearer.  Jackets attached to the kurtis are also available now. One can find it in the market or can contact Zoopikart as it is a leading website for such suits.


Suits with a sharara twist

These suits have a twist in their bottom parts. Shararas are basically pants with parallel lining till the thighs and then flares at the end. One must have seen many Muslim brides wearing this kind of suits wearing on their wedding night. We generally don’t see girls wearing these on a daily basis. They look really good once paired with some good jewelry pieces. One can wear them on any special occasion. The sharara suits with less work and embroidery look good on small family functions while a heavy suit of this type can be worn on functions like wedding and all.

The most important and common of all these suits are the Patiala suits. They are originated from the town Patiala of Punjab. So, here are some of the Patiala suits one must have in her wardrobe.


Plain kurti, printed bottom

In this kind of suit sets the bottom and the dupatta are made up of printed material and the top is plain. There remains a colour contrast too in the top and the bottom wear. The print of the dupatta and the salwar remains the same. They are basically daily worn and can be used for college and office. Any sleeve or neck design can be used but the size of the kurta is preferred to be short.


Plain bottom and dupatta

The next category contains kurta with certain kind of work and plain bottom and dupatta. Again in this suit set the size of the kurta is preferred to be short. The kurta can be printed can have embroidery, patchwork etc. They can be used as daily as well as party wear.


High embroidered kurta

This kind of suit sets contains kurta with heavy embroidery. It has to be a long length kurta. Full-length sleeves are preferable in this kind of suits. It can come up with a front slit. One must have noticed the Punjabi brides wearing these suits on their wedding day. This Suit won’t go with high heels or flats. Traditional Punjabi juttis or chappals are recommended.  

These are some Punjabi and Patiala suit designs both for the party as well as daily wear. One can find each of these design on zoopikart, anytime.