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Sarees Online Shopping - Buy Indian Sarees | Best Sarees Designs Collection 2018 साड़ी डिजाइन for Ladies


Did you know you cannot go wrong with a saree? Such is the essence and beauty of the nine-yard-long cloth. Those who do not wear always fret over the fact as to how can just a long piece of cloth, wrapped around your body look that great? Honestly, it is actually mesmerizing to watch someone drape around a nine-yard-long cloth, officially known as a Saree and rock their look.  Now, sarees have been around for centuries, from the ancient old queens and women to our present generation, the Saree has never gone out of style. From the fashion weeks to a casual event, a woman wearing a saree looks equally gorgeous.  The craze for the nine-yard-long cloth is so evident that every Indian woman owns either dozens or at least one saree to feel connected to the beauty of it.

Coming to a much more versatile point, like we mentioned a saree is so worn out and is nothing but a long cloth. Alright, we will stop your right there for it is a lot more than just that. A saree is the most versatile garment anyone can own. It comes in different material, style, colour, print, type, etc! The list goes on and it would take us a long day just to get everything about sarees in one go. Now, since we have made it clear how sarees are versatile, please note that women take the longest when purchasing them. The labour that goes behind shopping a single saree is so tiresome for the buyer and the seller, that it takes up one afternoon just to get the perfect one. But you cannot help the fact that whichever saree you look at somehow catches your attention. It is like you want to grab it all, but cannot. To ease all the labour that you spend searching for the perfect saree, Zoopikart has the solution.

Zoopikart is an online apparel store which has ethnic clothing for sale and provides amazing discounts. The best sarees, churidars, lehengas, etc come in various style, colours, prints, etc all in one place, Zoopikart. Anyone who knows of Zoopikart does not need an introduction to the online store. If you are to go on an event and looking for the best saree then get online and search for Zoopikart. You will find such a huge collection you might shop for more than just one event. You will find some amazing collection of Indian sarees here along with many new designs that are composed with a western mix to it. also, the best part about Zoopikart is, they ship their products worldwide. Isn’t it great, no matter where you are, you can now buy sarees online and have it delivered to your doorstep? Be it a saree or any other ethnic garment, Zoopikart has them all. You will be amazed at the designer sarees online shopping with a price that will blow your mind for its affordable rates. All the latest sarees with price are available here.

Let us give you an elaborate detail of the products you will find here at Zoopikart.


Type of material Used in Sarees:


  • Cotton Sarees

Cotton is the most sought-after material when it comes to summer garments. Since the majority of the women in India wear saree it is a necessity to own cotton sarees for a regular wear. Also, sarees of this material are very manageable compared to other fabrics. With India having soaring temperatures and extreme humidity, having a cotton saree to wear is the best choice for an event that requires a certain dress code or not. The cotton fabric is very soft and much lighter than any other cloth material. Due to its level of comfort, cotton sarees sell like wildfire.


  • Embroidered Sarees

Where to start?! Embroidery is like the mother of all design styles. Anything embroidered just ups the gorgeous effect of that particular thing. When it comes to sarees, having to wear a beautifully embroidered saree is every girl's desire. Name any event, there are embroidered sarees for all kind of occasions. For a school day, you can wear a subtle textured embroidered saree that will make you stand apart from anyone else. The rave for embroidered saree is huge and designers from all over India battle it out with their skills and talents to provide the best saree.


  • Silk Sarees

Women who don the saree on a regular or occasional basis yearns to own a silk saree or maybe has a closet full of them. Such is the beauty of this material, women can never have enough of it. a silk saree exudes elegance and grace to the wearer. It makes everything around you feel and looks beautiful. Well, Zoopikart has tons at its avail for anyone who loves the fabric.


  • Velvet Sarees

Velvet is a considerable gorgeous fabric with its luster and subtle shine. It doesn’t speak loudly nor does it keep quiet, it hits the right notes of beauty. Velvet sarees make a good wear for any party, events, festivities, etc. A velvet saree is gorgeous and makes a woman look beautiful no matter what the occasion be.


  • Georgette Sarees

Also known as Chiffon (the French word for Cloth), this material is all about versatility. It is made from a mix of cotton, silk and premium synthetic fibers that give it its soft, silky texture. Women of all age group seem to have a chiffon saree or anything based on this material in their closets. You would be surprised to know that women wear a lot of chiffons these days in various type and styles of clothing, be it western or eastern.

Now that the types of material a saree is made from are cleared, Zoopikart also has a divided section for the type of sarees one can avail too, based on these materials. The sarees that we are going to mention here is made in different parts of India. Imagine, having to shop right from where you are sitting right now, and having these sarees from different parts of India delivered to you. You will only have to move your fingers to swipe and search and probably open the door to receive your parcel.


Sarees from all over India, here at Zoopikart


  • North Indian Saree

If it is North India, then you are about to find the most fashionable sarees right here. the northernmost state of India, Jammu & Kashmir has their traditional saree Jamawar to give to every woman. It is made with the best quality of silk. The Jamawar saree is worn by many royals who have a fascination for silk. Another popular saree is the Luknavi Chikkankari Saree, which is a traditional masterpiece from the state of Lucknow. These sarees have intricate thread designs on them and gives one a very aristocratic look. If you own one, you know what we mean. Also, do not forget the Banarasi sarees from Banaras!


  • South Indian Sarees

When it comes to South India, Saree is the traditional and official garment. The superbly gorgeous and popular saree from South India is the Kanjeevaram. This saree is widely popular not only among the Indian women but all over the world. They are known for their Gold dipped, silver thread and the premium quality of silk woven into a masterpiece. It is known that the heavier the silk, the better the quality of the saree. So, if you are already intrigued by its beauty, order one now from Zoopikart.


  • West Indian Sarees

West side of India has a lot of variety to offer in sarees. They have the Pathani saree from Aurangabad, the traditional Maharashtrian silk saree from Maharashtra and the Bandhani saree from Gujarat. The material and the texture of these sarees is as beautiful as its designs. You can never have enough silk, for the craving keeps on growing.


  • East Indian Sarees

Well, that sounds a little outdated but jokes apart, sarees from East India comes in variety just like the west. However, the east has more to offer than any other zones of India. The Muga sarees from Assam, Sambalpuri and Bomkai sarees from Odisha and Taant from West Bengal make up a huge collection of sarees from this zone. Also, the Mekhela Chador, which is the traditional outfit and saree from Assam is loved and owned by many among the Indian women. West Bengal alone has a many more, like Baluchari and Kaantha stitch sarees that would look good on women of any age group.


  • Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh

We spoke about all the zones and mentioned a few of the famous sarees available there. The list would be incomplete if we miss out on mentioning the Chanderi sarees from Madhya Pradesh. Not only sarees, lehengas and Kurtis made from Chanderi is so gorgeous, that owning one is a must.

well, that is all for sarees that you would want. Thankfully, you do not need to go to these places to get these items, it can all be found in Zoopikart. Sarees online sale has outgrown the expectations of many, and with Zoopikart, saree shopping has become very convenient.