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Skirts and tops Online Shopping - Buy Short, Mini & Long Skirts Online for Women, Ladies & Girls


Many women had to wear a skirt as a mandatory part of school uniforms. But that bland monochrome skirt can’t really measure up to the skirts which were made for commercial use like parties, marriage ceremonies and more. Back in the younger days, the most expensive of the lot had to be relegated to just thirsty window shopping, but the sheer variety of skirts with such numerous designs must have beckoned many to try out at least one of the pieces. Nonetheless, now women can choose what style they want their look to be from an eclectic collection found everywhere.

A skirt can be considered to be of a great many styles, but while defining to people what can actually be considered a skirt- at its absolute simplest, a skirt can be described as just a draped garment which is formed out of a single fabric piece.

The current crops of uber-famous women’s skirts are mainly considered to be a western innovation but the concept itself dates back to prehistoric times- like the idea of just draping a fabric or slipping into one that allowed a free range of movement was much easier to wear than anything else. As for the length of skirts, it is generally known that the hemline does vary from anywhere between floor length to micro length as well as according to cultural conceptions, personal aesthetic sense, ideas of modesty and more. But they can be customized to fit whatever style the wearer wants it to be. As for materials, skirts are made out of fabrics like jersey, denim, poplin, worsted and more. Skirts always give off a chic and trendy vibe if it ranges up to knee length, while floor-length ones are great for traditional parties, family functions or school cultural celebration days. As for mini skirts, they are perfect for college parties and discotheques.

What clothes skirts best go with?


For that, there is a simple answer- Skirts and tops. A good matching and trendy top paired up with a bold coloured skirt can turn heads. Have you thought of combining a fitting white top along with bright red skirt or perhaps trying out long skirts with tops- a light coloured long skirt with a bright top can work wonders in instilling self-confidence while enjoying in parties.  


Where can one find a great collection of skirts?


A place with a great collection of skirts is something which is widely sought. While the big branded stores do offer a great selection of clothing but it rarely has the kind of eclectic variety which ordinary folks are looking for. While physical stores do have a good collection but it takes a lot of work to sort through them and choose. Moreover, this also involves having a lot of time and patience which people rarely have in a fast-tracked life. The solution is obviously an online store where one will be able to see hundreds of styles of skirts with just a mouse scroll. But here too there are many options. The best still remains Zoopikart with its wide variety of styles and cuts that are peppered with everything from trendy colours to sombre colours and more.


What types of skirts are found in Zoopikart?

Thinking about this? Then let’s check out what the store has to offer:


A-line skirts: As the name states, this is a form of skirt that is roughly shaped like an A. Found in a great many varieties which range from cherry blossom prints to block colours, you will find a great collection for this.


Bell-shaped skirts: These skirts flare pretty noticeably from the waist, but unlike the shape of a church bell it is pretty much cylindrical in regards to its length. They look great in bold colours like royal blue, black, and monochrome.


Circle skirt: This is a type of skirt that is cut by sections so as to make one or multiple circles with a hole for the waist. This skirt looks full but it hangs very smoothly from the waist without having any gathers, pleats or darts. Thought about trying out a skirt with polka dots? If yes then this is the best style to go along with it.


Culottes: Also called a pant skirt, this is a type of divided skirt which is built like a pair of shorts but no worries; it does hang like a skirt. Love skirts, but also pants? If this is your dilemma then the solution is here. Not just trendy but also comfortable to wear with the bottom of the culottes spreading big.


Gored skirt: This is a type of skirt that flares at the hem but fits perfectly at the waistline. Most women must be used to referring to this as more of a classic skirt style. But made from at least four to up to twenty-four sections, this skirt style has endured through centuries. Gored skirts take a type of panache to carry, these skirts look great in red, dark navy blue or in patterns.


Inverted pleated skirt: Made by bringing up two folds of a fabric to the center line at the front or perhaps in the back, this skirt style has been popular since the 20s. Whether it is cut straight along the sides or slightly flared depends upon your preferences.


Pencil skirts: Perhaps one of the most popular and in-demand styles, this is a straight, generally knee-length skirt which is form fitting and is great for formal business occasions. Pencil skirts look good in any colour, provided you have the matching top to go along with it. Our tips for this style- When in doubt go for a black skirt and blue top.


Pleated skirts: Pleats or folds are stitched to the hip length or left hanging free used to reduce the fullness and make it fit the waist better. Avoid block colours for pleated skirts and instead, go for various kaleidoscopic patterns for this.  


Short skirts: Perfect for those parties you have been itching to go to. These skirts have a hemline which is above the knees. Pro tip: when in doubt of what colours to go for, always go for the triple B- big, bold and bright.


Straight skirts: These skirts are fitted using yoke or darts and they hang straight from the hips. But this can cause trouble while walking for many, so vents or kick-pleats are set in them for relief.


Underskirts: Yes, if you are in need of a basic looking skirt which feels comfortable to wear underneath and can give you a good silhouette, over which you can wear an overskirt or hangs and draperies; and then these are available in Zoopikart.


Wrap or wraparound skirts: A great style to opt for beach parties, these skirts will wrap around your waist with overlapping materials. It will give off a voluminous but stylish feel. As with pleated skirts, go for patterns when buying wrap skirts.


What other styles can you get at Zoopikart?

The store has the best skirts found online but the list doesn’t end just above as Zoopikart caters to the current fashion trends and fads as well. Here’s some which you can find in there:


Bubble dress/skirt: More commonly known as a balloon skirt or a tulip skirt, this skirt has a hem which is tucked back and under so as to create a voluminous or bubble effect towards the bottom. Bring out the inner kid in you and go for this bouncy style, or show off your shapely legs in this trendy style.


Denim skirt: Also known as a jeans skirt, these stylish skirts have pockets in them and we would advise this for women who want to try on a different look. Choose any wash style you prefer- want to go for a dark wash or perhaps a lighter colour, maybe some fades? Everything goes with denim skirts.


Leather skirt: As the name says it is a leather skirt for women who want to try out different fabrics and want to experiment with them. These are comfortable and the perfect wear for discos and pubs.


Lehenga: This embroidered pleated ethnic long skirt is a staple online. Also known as a ghagra, these form a set with cholis. Surprised by the wide variety of pattern styles available? If you want to play safe then go for a lehenga with is made with a contrasting and yet complimentary colour than the one at the border on the bottom.


Micro mini: A shorter mini skirt which around or above thigh level.


Sarong: Going for a beach vacation? Don’t forget to get these. Sarongs are a rectangle of fabric which is wrapped around the legs and waist before being tied on one of the hips.  


Zoopikart is the one-stop destination for fulfilling all your long skirt needs, skirt and top wants and more from their endless varieties. You can buy skirts which are made from good quality materials and which can be bought at affordable prices easily. Looking to shop somewhere? you know which store to log into.