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Latest Wedding Lehengas - Buy Designer Wedding Lehengas Online for Women, Ladies & Girls: Wedding day remains the biggest day of any girl’s life and the most important part of this day is definitely the outfit she is wearing. Looking beautiful on her big day is the right of every girl.  All the eyes get fixed on the bride of the day. She keeps the memory of this day close to heart throughout her life. The photographs of this day always make her realize that this is the story of the previous day. With all these reasons a girl will never want to compromise with her look for this day. We have got a lot of options for bridal wears in today's time. But, there is always a risk of failure with it and no one will want to experiment with her looks on this day.

One can go wrong with any other outfit, but one can never go wrong with lehengas. Lehngas are the traditional Indian outfits which are the best bridal wear option and also the first choice of every bride. With the passage of time, it has become the choice of other girls too. We can notice many other female guests wearing lehenga at a wedding, but the range and designs of wedding lehenga are different. Brides are the star of their wedding and they need to look different and beautiful from any other girl at the wedding.

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Latest Wedding Lehengas - Buy Designer Wedding Lehengas Online for Womens, Ladies & Girls


Considering the type and designs of various lehengas we have divided them into two basic categories. One is the old traditional lehenga design and the other one is the same lehenga with some modern twists. Given below are some of the lehenga designs that can be considered while choosing an outfit for an Indian bride.  


  • Old is gold

The usual and old traditional lehenga is the best bridal option till date. This has got tremendous designs with it. With lots of variants in these lehngas differ according to the work on it, blouse designs, dupatta designs etc. Some of these lehengas are inspired are inspired by the ancient times. These were either the outfits of some old queens or the outfits of common people of any particular era or civilization. The jewelry designs matching these are also inspired by the old trends. These include a little modification to the designs to meet the need of the modern dulhan.


The first design in this group is a set of full sleeve blouse and a highly flared skirt with heavy dupatta. Now, this is the prime design for such wedding lehngas. The blouse can have heavy zari or stonework on it. The work on the blouse and the skirt remain the same. The colour also matches it. The colour of dupatta is same as the colour of lehenga. The neckline can be of the bride’s choice, the way she wants it to be. This can be paired with a heavy and long necklace with long matching earrings and heavy mangtikas. Bengals can be of the bride’s choice.


The second lehnga of this category comes with a plain blouse with no work on it and heavy work on the skirt. Then, it has a plain dupatta too. The work on the skirt has to be of zari, stone or any other traditional one. The blouse neck design can be of the bride’s choice. It can be a V neck, round shaped; overlapping one etc. It should not have off the shoulder or any of the modern kind of necklines. Sleeve designs also depend on the choice of bride. One should go for the kind of sleeve, she is comfortable in. The skirt can be pleated or without pleats.  Again, the colour of the blouse and the skirt has to be. This is the signature style of this kind of traditional lehengas.


The third design of this category is inspired by the Mughal queen and Rajwanshi princesses Jodha Bai. This is the lehenga she used to wear. These types of lehenga sets contain a blouse with quarter sleeves. The skirt has a lot of embroidery on it. The dupatta generally has a gotta lash attached to it. In this lehenga set, the colour of the blouse and the skirt can be different. This should be paired with the jewelry that is inspired by the same queen. These jewelry are easily available in the market or at online stores. These include a very heavy full-length mangtika, a long round nose ring with a chain, a two-layered heavy neck piece, and some more jewelry. This is a Rajasthani outfit and is the symbol of royalty. This was not worn by the queens and royal princesses, but a less royal version with the same designs was the dress of the common people at that time. To have a glance of this particular dress one can watch the Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan starer movie Jodha Akbar. Aishwarya Rai has worn this outfit in the movie and has carried it so well.


The fourth design in this category is a lehenga again with full sleeves. The difference between the earlier discussed lehenga and this is that the earlier had a blouse with a length above the waistline. This lehenga’s blouse has a length below the waistline, above the thighs. The skirt again has a lot of variety in this lehenga. The skirt can be full flared one or it can have a tight-fitting till the knees and then can have the flare part. The work on these lehengas also differs. There can be stone or zari work or this lehenga can have golden or silver prints on it. The dupatta can be all plain or can have some lashes attached to it. There are some more variants to these skirts. The skirt for these lehengas can be in the form of pants. The pants can now be different in designs. There can be a fish cut design or full-length flare in the design depending upon the choice of the bride. This is a popular outfit among the Muslim brides. The ideal jewelry for these kinds of lehengas is a heavy stone studded necklace, long dazzling earrings, and a big rounded nose ring. The side mang adds extra charm to the whole outfit and without this no Muslim bride is complete.


Zoopikart is a leading website for all these lehengas. They have a hell lot of amazing designs in their collection and have definitely got something for everyone. They even provide customized clothes which mean if you like some design and want to get it, they can provide you with a guarantee of quality.


  • Lehngas with modern twists

After talking about the traditional lehngas, let’s talk about the new twist given to these lehngas. Lehngas are undoubtedly the traditional outfits; the only thing that has changed them is the difference in their styles. The modern-day fashionistas have worked hard to give it a more appealing and beautiful look. These modern-day lehengas are not only popular among the common girls but are the first choice of every Indian actress when it comes to any wedding party or other such events.

The first lehnga in this category is one with a high neck blouse. This blouse is best suitable for with full sleeves or quarter sleeves. These may contain the same colour skirt and blouse or a contrasting colour combo. The dupatta depends on the type of blouse and skirt. The colour of all these things in the set can be the same or totally different. The skirt can have a particular work pattern or can have various prints on it. The ideal jewelry for this outfit should be long earrings and a mangtilka on the center of the forehead. You can even go for a heavy neckpiece, but then you should remove the earrings and the mangtika. We spotted Aliya Bhatt wearing this type of lehenga at Sonam Kapoor’s reception a few days back.  

Some other designs in this category include blouses with a boat neck, off the shoulder, cold shoulder, collar neck, cape blouses, etc. To make them perfect for bridal wear, heavy embroidery should be done. Instead of heavy embroidery, one can go for heavy jewelry. There can be huge flares in the skirt. These can be found in any colour or any fabric. The jewelry can be a bride’s choice, but do not forget to team up a waistband to all these lehengas as it adds more charm to the look.

So, these were some of the wedding lehengas one can always consider.