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Indian Wedding Sarees - Buy Latest Indian Wedding Saree Online Collection at Zoopikart


Wedding Saree is the traditional outfit of India. It was originated in India almost 5000 years back and it is in trend till now. Though it has gone through various improvisations and modern touches, the base still remains the same. Saree comprises 30% of the total production of the Indian textile industry. It is the only dress that is worn by almost every woman of this country. Some of us wear it on a daily basis and some of want it to wear it on special occasions. One cannot find Indian women who hate saree.

Apart from this, no Indian wedding rituals can be complete without a saree. Even if you choose to wear some other outfit, there would be some function you will be asked to wear a saree.  In south Indian states, the brides wear sarees on their wedding day too. Same is the case with the Gujarati and Maharashtrian brides. They too wear saree on their wedding day. So, with this, we can calculate how important a saree is for Indian weddings.


About Zoopikart:

There are various places in India; one can go Online shopping wedding sarees. But, what if someone doesn’t want to go anywhere and still want to have her favorite saree? Zoopikart, a leading Indian online shopping website has a huge collection of sarees with them. You can get a saree of your choice at affordable prices from this website. They have this huge ethnic hub for all the Indian wear and have specializations in all kinds of wedding sarees. One can get sarees from every region of India on Zoopikart. Be it a Maharashtrian wedding saree, a South Indian wedding saree or Gujarat wedding saree, this website has all of them. This is a Surat-based company. Surat is a small town in Gujarat, famous for its unique textile industry.  You can see all the colours of Surat on Zoopikart. With Zoopikart, you get a better and easier shopping experience.

Wedding sarees are very different from the sarees in general. So, here we are discussing various wedding sarees according to their colour, fabric, design etc.


Maharashtrian beauty:

As we all know, it is kind of compulsory for the Maharashtrian brides to wear saree on their wedding day. Also, those who are close to their roots like to do so. But, the sarees worn by the Maharashtrian brides are very different from any ordinary saree. The fabric of this saree is silk and the saree is called as Paithani.  It is said that this saree contains the real gold work on it. It looks like any other border silk saree but is really heavy in comparison to the other sarees.  This is the most important attire for any Maharashtrian bride. The draping style of this saree is called Nauvari. Most of the brides can be seen wearing a green colour paithani. To complete the look with this saree, one can go with the real gold jewelry and Maharashtrian design nath.


The old classic silk:

Nothing can beat the elegance of silk sarees and this is the reason why it cannot be replaced. These evergreen sarees are the choice of every Indian bride. They are perfect for the wedding night as well as for various other occasions at a wedding. Girls, who don’t want to be heavily dressed up and still want to look the best, can go for these kinds of sarees. Silk sarees with golden borders never go out of the trend. This is not an option only for the wedding night but is also suitable for casual wedding gatherings. One can go for minimal makeup and light jewelry to get a simple and elegant look. This is also a good option for the rituals performed after the wedding. The bride must have some of these sarees in her suitcase.


White or cream coloured sarees

Like the Marathi brides, the Gujarati and Bengali brides too wear saree on their wedding day. You can take the example of Bipasha Basu. She is such a great actress that she could have got any dress she wanted for her wedding, but she went for the traditional attire. One can clearly see the combination of white or cream colour with that of red in the sarees of a Bengali bride. Same is the case with the Gujarati brides. They too wear this colour on their wedding day. However, in many parts of India, this colour is not considered good for the brides due to some religious beliefs. But, this can never lessen the charm one get while wearing a good white saree. The 1st option for this is the traditional Bengali saree. The other option in this list is the heavier version of the former one. This kind of white sarees can have wide red borders and a thin golden lining along with that. These look great when draped with the pallu on front.


Colours that make a difference:

Colours represent the mood and emotions of human beings as well as of any occasion. Each and every colour speaks something, but there are specific colours meant for the wedding and special occasions. Also, there are memories connected with different colours. So, those who want to wear something colourful at their wedding day can go for this colourful saree of their choice. The saree that we are talking about is the silk sarees of different colours with golden borders. Most of the south Indian brides can be seen wearing these sarees at their wedding. This saree has no replacement at all. Along with these sarees, one can go with Kanchivaram sarees. Kanchivaram sarees are the best option for wedding occasion. Team with some real heavy gold jewelry and you are all set to rock your wedding.


Saree with different work patterns:

After all these plain and elegance saree looks, let’s talk about something different. The saree that we are talking here can be of any fabric.  But, for the wedding purpose, one should go for the silk fabric. There are these silk sarees that have all the traditional qualities, but with some modern touch. These sarees contain stone or zari work on them. This can be a Kanchivaram saree too. So, the style of draping the saree depends upon the choice of the bride, but this will look excellent if one drape it by keeping the pallu in the front. Team it up with some really good heavy jewelry of your choice and you are ready for your special day.

So, these were some of the saree options according to the designs, colours, and fabric of the saree. Let’s now talk about the different saree options according to the body type of the bride.


For taller brides:

Saree is said to be the outfit of taller girls, but the issue with tall girls is the measurement of the saree. There might come a time when a saree can be short in measurement for the tall brides. For such brides, Kanchivaram sarees are the best option. You can never go wrong with a Kanchipuram saree. Also, the pure silk or raw silk saree can make the taller brides look heavenly.  Do not go for plain saree and thin borders, but go for large prints and wide and heavy borders.


For short height brides

Saree is always an option for every single woman in India. People often say that the short girls look taller while they wear a saree, which can be true. But, there are lots of problems also, that these girls have to face while wearing a saree. The first one is the issue of the length of the saree. It’s very difficult for a short height girl to drape a saree properly due to its huge length. The second problem is the way of carrying a saree. The weight of the sarees does not let a short girl carry it nicely. To solve all these problems, a short height girl should go for a Kanchivaram saree. The Kanchivaram saree is lengthy and heavy too, but the stiffness of this saree does not let its pleats move here and there easily.  If we talk about the way of carrying it, then it can be carried on in numerous ways. One can also go for silk, georgette and chiffon sarees with heavy work on it. You can pair it with good trendy blouse pieces and matching jewelry of your choice.


For healthy brides

There is this mindset of people that sarees are not for the girls with bulky body figures; they make them look plumper. Well, it totally depends on the kind of saree the girl is wearing. Girls with a fear that saree can make them look bulkier can go for the lighter fabric sarees. They can go for georgette or chiffon sarees with thin borders.


Brides with the zero figure

For the brides with a lean and thin body, the best saree option would be silk and Kanchipuram sarees. This will not only enhance the beauty of the bride but will suit her body figure perfectly.

So, these wear some of the wedding saree options one can consider. Zoopikart is a store where one can find all these wedding sarees online very easily.