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Womens Western Wear - Buy Western Dresses, Clothes Online For Ladies, Girls


With the emergence of so many online stores, one often gets confused where to buy from. Some worry about the quality of the products while another worry about getting scammed. However, since the internet has become a vital part of our lives, we cannot deny the fact that it has compensated for many other activities in our lives. Which is why, when one could shop online and have the products delivered at home, the entire scenario changed. With Zoopikart, a person shopping experience just gets better and easier. It has everything in a store. There are many brands who have their products for sale on this website. A person can simply avail of them via this online platform.

Zoopikart deals with ethnic and western wear. It has a huge range of clothing that belongs to different genres and styles of apparel. Whether you are looking for western wear or ethnic, Zoopikart has it all.

Today, we shall walk you through the western wear available here. but before we go ahead, we would like you to dive a little deeper into this topic and know more about Western Wear.



Evolution of clothes


When time began, homo sapiens had only their birth suit to carry with aplomb. Well, that is ancient now, for today, the clothing sector has transformed drastically and evolved to some other level. In today’s world, clothes define a person and their personality. Earlier we thrived on how manners maketh a man, somehow that norm has changed too. Nowadays, people have clothes they wear to define their mood, their feelings, their intentions, their work, their habits, etc.

Among the many types of clothes that we wear, every one of us is inclined towards the Western wear. There are many reasons as to why a person owns more western clothes than anything else.

Like everything else, even Western Wear has its story to tell. Which is why, before we go deeper into the western clothing’s, let’s go back to its origination to know how our favorite clothing style came into formation.


History of Western Wear

It all began in the ranches of the Westworld where inhabitants had to spend a considerable amount of time at the ranches. Now, working on ranches requires a certain type of dress code. You cannot wear a dress to ride a horse or work on the farm with a skirt. It was about wearing practical clothes and what more practical than a shirt and a pant. When only men used to work, the scenario was different. With women, they had begun to wear the clothes that their father, brother or husband wore. Women wore divided skirts in place of the generic skirts to work. This gave them comfort and a lot of stability to move, sit, run, etc. For, ranch work needed labour and plenty of movements. Soon, women who did not work on these ranches began to adopt the new-found style for women, Western wear.

In no time, the dressing sensibility reached other parts of the world with women opting or bolder looks and styling when it came to Western wear. Soon, the style began to evolve and now we have reached a place, where the list of western wear is endless.



About Western Wear


Western wear is a category of clothing that derives its unique styles that were worn in the 19th century Wild West. This style of clothing applies to both men and women and also for kids. The basic clothing that composes the Western Wear style are hats, coats, shirts, trousers, neckwear, footwear, etc. It is not limited to only a particular type of clothing. Nowadays, Western Wear has evolved from just a shirt and a pant to dresses, tunics, gowns, and many more.



About Zoopikart and Western clothes:


At Zoopikart, you will find various types of Western Wear for women of all age group. These products are not only available in great quality, but the prices are also reasonable and affordable for all. the best part about this platform is, it has a very secure payment method. This makes it easier for people to trust Zoopikart to make any transactions online while purchasing. With a user-friendly interface and great collection of clothes, buying the different types of Western outfits from here is as easy as eating our meals. There is no labour, you can sit home and do it and get really good items in return at amazingly affordable prices. How cool is that?

Zoopikart collection of Women Western Wear will leave you surprised with their versatility and trending fashions. There are western dresses for girls who are in school and looking for good, decent western outfits to a school function. Also, there is a huge collection of western wear for ladies that make this platform a woman’s favourite spot to shop. With everything in just one place, shopping from Zoopikart is fun filled.

Now, let us move on to the western outfits that are available for women all over the world to avail too.


The different styles of western wear:


Shirts: Shirts are worn by all, kids and adult alike. This piece of garment is styled with many other types of clothing and worn for various occasions. From corporate looks to casual hangouts, the shirt makes a good style statement. There is a ton of variation in the shirt genre, we will highlight the best-styled shirts a woman must have.


  • Overlapping shirt: This shirt ahs one of the sides, overlapping and attached to the opposite side, giving a defined look.
  • Off-shoulder shirt: This style of shirt has no collar. Its sleeves start from the lower shoulder.
  • Crop shirt: This type of short ends at the midriff and is short as the name suggests.
  • Gingham shirt: This shirt gives one a very innocent look with buttoned-up collars and straight cut sides.
  • Ruffled shirt: This type of shirt is very fashionable and can be worn at work, for parties, dates, etc. It has ruffles in place of clean-cut collars and button line.


Dresses: A dress is a garment of a single cloth which comes in various styles, shapes, and lengths. It is worn by kids and women everywhere, around the world. Let’s highlight the must-haves.


  • LBD: It simply translates to Little Black Dress and does not require a definition; the title says it all.
  • Maxi dress: These dresses are best for every occasion! It looks good on every woman, with a flared bottom and loses the fitted upper body, it’s the best.
  • Tunic dresses: These dresses are short and cute with suspenders on it, giving the wearer a doll-like look.
  • Sheath dress: It is among the best western dresses design for women! It goes great as a party wear.
  • A-line dress: This type of dress is simple and trendy. It is a fusion of cool and chaos.


Bottoms: Bottoms are made up of trousers, jeggings, skirts, pant, etc. They define a woman lower body and gives it beauty with the amazing styles they are available in. Let’s talk about the must-haves, for the list is endless.


  • Jeggings: These are a must have nowadays, with women embracing their curves and defying people’s judgments, jeggings are a good way to give your lower body definition. Period.
  • Palazzo: This is a loose fitted, flared pant that is actually a trouser but looks like a skirt. It looks gorgeous and suits women of every body shape. It can be worn as a traditional, ethnic wear or else with crop tops and spaghetti tops as a western wear. Choose your style wisely.
  • Slit skirts: Slit skirts are gorgeous and resemble the wild side of a woman. It is a long or short skirt, with a slit on one or both sides. One will have to have a lot of courage to wear it and own the look. It is surely a mood lifter.
  • Paper bag bottoms: There are paper bag skirts, paper bag trousers, etc that is trending at the moment. Honestly, it was always there, it just avoided the limelight. The paper bag pencil skirt is an eye catcher among all the bottoms available. It can be worn for formal and informal occasions.
  • Denim jeans: Western wear would be incomplete without the mention of Denim jeans. The denim jeans were a revolutionary garment in the early 19th century. The denim jeans have a history one would reckon with. However. Denim jeans and a plain top or t-shirt makes way for the best and ever-trendy look for any outing. Nothing can beat it.


Well, that is all for the western wear. One might call it revolutionary and not evolutionary. There is always a thin line between these kinds of things. All in all, with Zoopikart having the western wear on their website makes it much more desirable to own them. There are still millions of women and kids out in the world who still have no access to or knowledge about western wear. For some believe, that doing things of the tradition is sinful. However, with liberal minds and happenings in this world, western wear is all about casual, comfy and good-looking apparel.